2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey

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The 2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey was conducted by the Office of Strategic Information, Research and Planning. These reports summarizes the responses of all Volunteers who completed the 2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey (BVS) fielded from May through August 2008. You may compare post and regional results to these global results. The 2008 BVS results provide a picture of the activities, experiences and views of Peace Corps Volunteers in 2008. They show areas where Volunteers’ needs are met as well as identify areas where improvements may be needed. Additionally, in this year’s survey, new questions were included on ways in which Volunteers are meeting Peace Corps’ Goal 2 and Goal 3 Objectives.

Actual survey available here

Questions were asked concerning:

  • Your Peace Corps Assignment
  • Training for Your Peace Corps Assignment
  • Your Life in the Peace Corps
  • Volunteer Assignment Goals and Impact
  • Peace Corps Support
  • Your Safety and Security
  • Volunteers working in HIV/AIDS
  • Your Overall Assessment of Your Peace Corps Experience
  • Background Information

For a list of all questions, in detail, see 2008 volunteer survey questions

The Peace Corps 2008 Biennial Survey of Volunteers, including country-by-country breakouts of the results, has been provided to Peace Corps Wiki by Chuck Ludlam. He and his wife, Paula Hirschoff, have twice served as Volunteers, once in the 60s and recently in West Africa and have been leading a campaign for Peace Corps reform. While they were serving as Volunteers in 2007 they flew to Washington from Africa at the invitation of Senator Chris Dodd (RPCV / Dominican Republic) to testify for reform, on behalf of Volunteers in the field, at the July 2007 hearing of the Peace Corps Subcommittee. They believe that the survey results identify opportunities and challenges facing the Peace Corps and the need for reform. They will shortly publish a detailed, comprehensive plan for Peace Corps reform, including a detailed analysis of the 2008 Biennial Survey results. To receive a copy of this report after it is issued, contact Chuck at (chuck DOT Ludlam AT gmail DOT com). Peace Corps Wiki thanks them for their leadership and for providing us with these illuminating documents.

Global and Regional Reports

Global Nov. 2008 report
Jan. 1976 report
Dec. 1977 report
Regional (2008)
Africa report
Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia (EMA) report
Inter-America and Pacific (IAP) report

Country Reports

PDFs of Volunteer Survey 2008 Country Reports By Peace Corps Headquarters
Albania report
Armenia report
Azerbaijan report
Belize report
Benin report
Bolivia report
Botswana report
Bulgaria report
Burkina Faso report
Cambodia report
Cameroon report
Cape Verde report
China report
Costa Rica report
Dominican Republic report
Eastern Caribbean report
Ecuador report
El Salvador report
Ethiopia report
Fiji report
Gambia report
Georgia report
Ghana report
Guatemala report
Guinea report
Guyana report
Honduras report
Jamaica report
Jordan report
Kazakhstan report
Kenya report
Kiribati report
Kyrgyz Republic report
Lesotho report
Macedonia report
Madagascar report
Malawi report
Mali report
Mauritania report
Mexico report
Micronesia report
Moldova report
Mongolia report
Morocco report
Mozambique report
Namibia report
Nicaragua report
Niger report
Panama report
Paraguay report
Peru report
Philippines report
Romania report
Samoa report
Senegal report
South Africa report
Suriname report
Swaziland report
Tanzania report
Thailand report
Togo report
Tonga report
Turkmenistan report
Uganda report
Ukraine report
Vanuatu report
Zambia report


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H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6
Not at all: 0 pts

Minimally: 25 pts
Moderately: 50 pts
Considerably: 75 pts
Exceptionally: 100 pts

No: 0 pts

Not likely: 25 pts
Possibly: 50 pts
Probably: 75 pts
Definitely: 100 pts

No: 0 pts

Not likely: 25 pts
Possibly: 50 pts
Probably: 75 pts
Definitely: 100 pts

No: 0 pts

Not sure: 50 pts
Yes: 100 pts
Might extend: 150 pts

Not at all: 0 pts

Minimally: 25 pts
Moderately: 50 pts
Considerably: 75 pts
Exceptionally: 100 pts

Discontinued: 0 pts

Reduced: 33 pts
Refocused/redesigned: 66 pts
Maintained as is: 100 pts
Expanded: 133 pts

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