Application Process

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Application Process

How do you apply to the Peace Corps? And even before that, how can you best research it? Is the best information on the main website or other websites? Who do I talk to? How long is the process and what are the steps?

There are so many questions, and many people who are thinking about the Peace Corps have no idea where to start. Who can blame them? There is so much information. Hopefully here, we can compile information that breaks stuff down simply.

Applying and Researching
How Do I Become a Volunteer? -- your top questions and the necessary qualifications for Peace Corps service

Steps To Applying -- explains the process step by step. Application, Interview, Nomination, Medical & Legal, Invitation, and Preparation for Departure links are all found on this webpage

Interview Questions -- a list of questions that you might be asked during your Peace Corps interview, as well as possible questions you may be interested in asking the recruiter

About the Peace Corps
What is the Peace Corps? -- this webpage contains links that explains the mission of the Peace Corps, facts, history, and more

What Do Volunteers Do? -- reviews the type of work that you may be assigned to in the Peace Corps. Although your first thought may be planting trees and building houses, the Peace Corps does much more than that. Did you know they also have IT, Business, and Youth programs to name a few?

Where Do Volunteers Go? -- lists the 8 regions that the Peace Corps serves, each with its own link to more information. Although you can't pick your country, you can request a region!

Who Volunteers? -- want to know where you'll fit in among the volunteers?

What Are the Benefits? -- although the key to the Peace Corps is to help others, there are also some perks to becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer

What About Safety? -- how does the Peace Corps take care of you, the volunteer? This page will briefly tell you

Advice for applicants --Additional Questions and resources to ask for