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My name is Beth and I am an RPCV. I served in Essaouira Morocco from 1988-1990. The experience was life changing and to this moment alters how I view the world everyday! I am forever grateful for the opportunity and try daily to promote peace through every venue possible. Last year I returned to Morocco and the town of Essaouira where I was fortunate to have served, it was then I truly reflected on the incredible experience! I returned to a school for children with disabilities...I was shocked to find the counterparts I trained, the students I taught (now young adults some of whom were now contributing members in the town and still others who were as young adults still at the school because there is no other place for them). Personally I gained infinately from my experience, including language (Arabic), cultural sensitivity, religious sensitivity, I lived in an amazing town and country and gained ilifelong friendships...just to name a few things. The thing I did not realize was the gift our government (which I presently more than ever frown about) gave to me to give to a people a bit less "fortunate" (only in reference to educating children with disabilities) than I. The experience enabled a school to remain open to children who, until Peace Corps arrived were considered "useless!" I am forever indebted to Peace Corps and the concept of Peace!


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