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|project=Build Your Dreams: Youth Entrepreneur Project
Community Economic Development (CED) Peace Corps Volunteers in the Dominican Republic assist existing and future entrepreneurs to build the business capacity that allows them to sustain their businesses and increase their involvement in local economies. Volunteers and project partners have identified that youth often play a substantial role in contributing to the economic welfare of their families; however, many youth lack the basic skills to maintain a successful business and the access to the necessary financial capital.
CED Volunteers, with the assistance of Dominican university business students who volunteer as PLAN-trained facilitators, are currently coordinating the 4th annual "Build Your Dreams" youth initiative aimed at promoting socially responsible economic development in the Dominican Republic through youth entrepreneurship. The initiative consists of two central components:
A 14-week young entrepreneur summer course taught by CED volunteers and PLAN promoters, where participating youth will undertake a variety of activities such as conducting a feasibility study to identify a need for a particular product/service in a community, elaborating a cost and price analysis for their product/service, developing a marketing plan for their product/service, creating the necessary budget in order to start the business, and locating potential funding sources.
A 3-day entrepreneur conference and business plan competition in Santo Domingo from October 16-18, 2009, where youth from across the country will participate in workshops addressing various business themes such as marketing, promotion, and problem-solving skills, and will compete for seed money to fund their business ideas.

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