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Your Peace Corps service has given you new friendships, new stories to tell, and quite possibly a new perspective on life. Now that you're back in the States, what will you do next? We're here to help.

Peace Corps' Office of Returned Volunteer Services (RVS) provides career, educational, and transitional assistance to more than 3,500 Volunteers returning to the United States each year.

RVS provides resources to assist you in a self-directed job search. RVS offer the Hotline jobs bulletin, various career publications, nationwide services, and informative career events.

A career center, with job postings, resource books, computers, fax machines, and phones, is available at our regional recruitment office in Rosslyn, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. For further information, call 202.692.1433 or 800.424.8580 (ext. 1433).

If you can't make it to the Rosslyn office, you'll find smaller career areas in each of their regional recruitment offices across the country. Contact your nearest recruitment office for more information.

Job Search Basic
A quick overview of the elements of a successful job search.

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