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I was also a volunteer in Ecuador from 1968-70 - a British volunteer with UNAIS (United Nations Association for International Service). I started in Riobabmba working with Escuelas Radiofonicas Populares and ended up in Quito teaching English at the Catholic University and playing football professionally with Liga Deportiva Universitaria. I have published my experiences under the title of The Inca Smiled, The Growing pains of an Aid Worker in Ecuador which has received some positive reviews. It contains a good bit on Peace Corps volunteers with whom I had a great deal of contact. I am familiar with some of names in the above list (Chuck Creesy, Paul Robillard) but did not, to my recollection, meet John Perkins. I was extremely grateful for the friendships that I had with PCV's and am still in touch with a couple of them. Looking back now, some 47 years later, I can still feel the soul-searching that a good many of the volunteers engaged in. Some were there, by their own admission, to 'avoid the draft', while others had accepted in good faith assignments that did not stretch them in any way. A good many PCVs abandoned their original postings and sought other more meaningful opportunities elsewhere in country on their own initiative. Others opted for early return to US by taking the 'Nine-O'clock Braniff', the morning flight to Miami which for many had become the symbol of escape from a fairly meaningless existence. My own experience was not much different. I had accepted a posting in Riobamba for which I was wholly unsuited and to which, to my eternal regret, I contributed very little. I then moved to Quito where I taught English to a somewhat privileged elite - hardly development work in the true sense. Still, the Ecuador experience gave me my first exposure to a vastly different and fascinating culture and a taste for humanitarian work which I was later able to perform with dignity. It also sowed the seeds of a political awareness that I was able to use to good effect for a Master's degree at Liverpool University in 1975. All told, therefore, it was a positive experience and my gratitude to my Peace Corps buddies remains strong to this day. Richard Poole

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