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Volunteers coordinate with other Peace Corps projects by conducting community outreach and needs assessments. They act as catalysts for change and are continually engaged in defining their role in response to their host community. This is the most open and flexible program in the Peace Corps limited only by the creativity of Volunteers and of the people in their communities.

If you can offer a more detailed description than this standard description the Peace Corps offers, please feel free to include that so others can get a better idea of what certain work areas consist of.


Applicants can qualify with a bachelor's degree in social work, counseling, community development, or any other discipline.


Applicants must demonstrate experience in planning, organizing, counseling, or leadership within the past five years.

Other relevant experience includes adult education and teaching methodology, conducting needs assessments, and a leadership position in a club or organization.


Youth Outreach and Community Development currently represents 17% of the volunteer jobs, with a breakdown by subsector being:
Youth Development: 5%
Community Development: 12%
Construction and Skilled Trades: 0.5%

By location:
Youth and Community Development Volunteers
38% are in Africa
24% are in Latin America
17% are in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
11% are in The Caribbean
5% are in Asia
3% are in North Africa and the Middle East
1% are in the Pacific Islands

Municipal Development Fund

Contributions to the Municipal Development Fund will support overarching capacity building across all sectors, such as health, education, and waste management. Projects range from improving public spaces and buildings, like classrooms, clinics, and parks to promoting civic education and participation in municipal decisions. Municipal projects area foundation on which communities can increase their civic engagement and ultimately their overall economic development.

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