Carla Hamilton Briceno

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Hamilton (Briceno), Carla Guatemala 3/1989 - 6/1991 Salama, Baja Verapaz Health / Nutrition Extesnsion

Worked with the Guatemalan Ministry of Health in the rural areas of Cahabon, Alta Verapaz and Salama, Baja Verapaz. Worked closely with Ministry of Health promoters to do outreach (health / nutrition education, vaccination campaigns, etc.) in outlying villages. Trained teachers in Salama, Baja Verapaz to teach basic health and nutrition using active teaching techniques. Organized and met regularly with womens' groups to increase awareness regarding how to address basic health issues, such as childhood malnutrition and dehydration. Promoted the use of a low-cost protein powder called Incaparina to avoid protein deficiencies. Promoted home and school-based gardens.