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French, Lingala, Kiswahili, Kikongo, Tshiluba




Democratic Republic of the Congo, an African country to the east of the Congo River

Republic of the Congo (light green) and Democratic Republic of the Congo (dark green)

Naming Convention

  • Republic of the Congo(1960-1964) (note: not to be confused with Republic of the Congo, a country west of the Congo river)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (1964-1971)
  • Republic of Zaire or Zaire (1971-1997)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (1997-present)

Peace Corps History

During the time that Peace Corps had programs in this country it was called Zaire. The last volunteers and trainees were evacuated in September 1991. The Peace Corps Training Center located at the Institut Supérieur Pédagogique in Bukavu was used not only to train Zaire volunteers but also volunteers destined for other Francophone countries in Africa. Between 1988 and 1991 the programs in effect were: Public Health Education, Public Health Administration, Agriculture (limited, only in certain areas), Pisciculture (fish ponds), Water and Sanitation (capping springs, digging wells and building latrines). The Peace Corps Office was located in Kinshasa and every region had a regional house for volunteers to stay at when picking up their allowances which occurred once per quarter. The regional house for Bas Zaire (now Bas Congo) was moved in 1989 from Mbanza Ngungu to Matadi.

Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Ag Economics 1979 1979
Ag Education 1981 1987
Ag Extension 1980 1991
Animal Husband 1980 1988
Animal Husband Lg 1979 1987
Apiculture 1980 1989
Crop Extension 1970 1991
Fisheries Marine 1987 1987
Soil Science 1973 1973
Business Business Advising 1976 1991
Cooperatives 1988 1990
Urban and Regional Planning 1981 1981
Crisis Corps Crisis Corps 1998 1998
Education English Teacher 1980 1989
English Teacher Trainer 1985 1985
Fisheries Fresh 1974 1991
Gen. Construction 1980 1987
Home Economics 1981 1981
Industrial Arts 1972 1985
Occupat. Therapy 1980 1980
Phys. Ed/Youth Wk 1981 1987
Prim-Ed/Teach Trn 1978 1986
Science Ed/Gen. 1986 1986
Secondary-Ed Math 1980 1986
Secondary-Ed Sci. 1980 1990
Speech Therapy 1991 1991
Univ. English Teaching 1980 1986
Voc. Trainer 1981 1988
Environment Comm Forestry Ext 1990 1990
Environmental Ed. 1980 1980
Forestry 1980 1980
Health Disease Control 1981 1990
Envir. and Water Resource 1969 1989
Health Degreed 1980 1991
Health Extension 1980 1991
Home Econ/Ext. 1980 1986
Hygiene Ed/Sanitation 1983 1991
Med. Technician 1982 1982
Nursing 1981 1991
Other Flexible App 1973 1974
Unique Skill 1973 1985
UNV United Nations Volunteer 1976 2002
Youth and Community Development Appropriate Tech. 1980 1990
Commun. Serv/Deg. 1981 1986
Mechanics 1982 1983
Road Const/Engin. 1973 1989

Peace Corps News

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