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|project=Building Hope Through Basketball
PCPP funds will help to refurbish and renovate a sports hall for local youth. The hall consists of a volleyball net and will be used for basketball and indoor activities during the winter. Funding will help to provide uniforms, basketball hoops, and balls for youth teams similar to PAL programs in the United States. Through friendly competition between local teams, the project aims to engender camaraderie, team work, and more positive recreational activities for disadvantaged Bulgarian youth. The community has contributed the facility to be renovated through PCPP funds and will provide funds for utilities and a stipend for two local coaches.
The merits of the project are as follows: (1) positive recreational activities for young people seeking to use their free time more productively, (2) teaching values such as teamwork, dedication, and self-esteem, (3) an indoor facility that can be used during all seasons, particularly the winter, thereby encouraging youth to be active rather than remain indoors, and (4) serve as an example of how citizens, regardless of age, can collaborate for a common cause and work together.
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