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Dustin D. Ooley
Flag of China.svg
Country China
Years: 2007-2009
Site(s) Anshun
Region(s) Guizhou Province
Program(s) Education,Education
Assignment(s) Secondary Teacher/Training
From US state Oregon
From US town/city Forest Grove
Dustin Ooley started in China 2007
Kimberly Morlang, Dustin D. Ooley
Region: Guizhou Province
Kimberly Morlang, Dustin D. Ooley
Education in China:Education.gif
Michele Cona, Riley Graebner, Peter Hessler, Michael Levy, Kimberly Morlang, Dustin D. Ooley
Education in China:Education.gif
Michele Cona, Riley Graebner, Peter Hessler, Michael Levy, Kimberly Morlang, Dustin D. Ooley
Other Volunteers who served in China
Flag of China.svg
Rebecca Carroll, Michele Cona, Marilyn Foss, Riley Graebner, Peter Hessler, Mary Johnson, Michael Levy, Christopher G. Marquardt, Kimberly Morlang, Dustin D. Ooley, Amy Potthast
Projects in China
Flag of China.svg
"International Days in Poland" English Language Seminar, "Together We Can Do More" 2009 Summer Camp, 2005 Camp GLOW, 2009 Girls' Conference, A CURE: A Community United to React to an Epidemic, A Course on the Biodiversity of El Salvador, A Court For Change, A Dry Student is a Good Student Masaga Tanzania, A Healthier Future for Children, A Home for the Elderly, A Stage for Everyone, Abomey Secondary School Renovation and Addition, Achajur Water Supply Pipeline Mapping, After-School Learning Center, Agroforestry Site for Nursery and Demonstration, Ahecha Paraguay Photography Exhibition, Akame Girls' Soccer Program, Alliance Youth Theater for HIV/AIDS Awareness, An Improved School for the Entire Community, Artemovsk Central City Library Computer Center, Asmadel Women and Youth Social and Legal Support Center, Assomada Solar Desalination Project, Atakpame HIV/AIDS Murals, Atakpamé HIV/AIDS Run for World AIDS Day, Atakpamé HIV/AIDS Run for World AIDS Day, Audio-Visual and Duplicating Resources for Bobur School, Azerbaijani Boys Leadership Experience (A.B.L.E) Camp, Babadé Community Library and Children's Study and Recreation Area, Babadé Community Library and Children's Study and Recreation Area, Bafilo Radio Station Project, Ballin' in Benin, Bantay Dagat Outpost, Bar School Number 2 Insulation Project, Basketball Court, Beaders' Community Workshop, Beekeeping in the Heart of the Andes Boliva, Bicol Region Camp GLOW, Bicycle Repair Class, Books For Cameroon, Borino Community Education Center, Boys Camp 2009, Brasov County, Emergency Management Workshop, Brick Oven Health and Food Preparation Project, Bridge of Hope Computer Education Center, Bring a Buddy Volunteer Campaign, Build Your Dreams: Youth Entrepreneur Project, Build a Library, Build a Future, Building Hope Through Basketball, Building sustainable livihoods in Tavush marze, Bukhara English Youth Center (BEYC) … further results

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Dustin D. Ooley
Peace Corps Volunteer (China)
Anshun, Guizhou

Dustin Ooley is a teacher, writer, and traveler who has spent parts of his life in Portland, Spokane, Seattle, Chengdu, Anshun, and Guiyang. In July 2009, he finished a two year period of service in the Peace Corps, where he taught college English in rural China and wrote articles about the cultural challenges that Chinese and Americans face when interacting with one another. His articles have appeared in 青年参考, 国防时报, 人民网, 163news, 中国经济网, 香港商报, 凤凰卫视 (Hong Kong), 文汇报 (Hong Kong), and Wen Wei Po, a Hong Kong based book collection of expat voices in China.

Dustin Ooley attended Gonzaga University, majoring in Special Education. He worked for several years as an elementary school teacher before joining the Peace Corps.

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