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Opportunities in education range from teaching English, math, or science to special education teacher training to teaching at the university level.

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Specific Areas

Primary Education Teacher Trainer
Act as a resource for elementary school teachers and occasionally provide classroom instruction.

Secondary Education English Teacher Training
Train student teachers at teachers' colleges or provide in-service training to experienced teachers.

Secondary Education Math or Science Teaching
Teach basic concepts, including remedial math, geometry, algebra, statistics, probability, and calculus.

Secondary Education English Teaching
Teach conversational English, English as a foreign language, or content-based English in middle and high schools.

Special Education Teacher Training
Work with education offices, schools, and local teachers, focusing on methodology, individualized instruction, classroom management, and resource development.

University English Teaching
Work with university-level students who need enhanced English-language skills to utilize academic and technical resources published in English.


Education currently represents 30% of the volunteer jobs, with a breakdown by subsector being:
Primary Education Teacher Trainer: 6%
Secondary Education English Teaching: 15%
Secondary Education Math or Science Teaching: 5%
Secondary Education English Teacher Training: 2%
Special Education Teacher Training: 1%
University English Teaching: 2%

By location:

Education Volunteers
35% are in Africa
34% are in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
16% are in Asia
7% are in Latin America
4% are in North Africa and the Middle East
3% are in Pacific Islands
1% are in The Caribbean

Education Fund

Throughout the developing world, Peace Corps Volunteers are working in their communities to share the precious gift of education. Often Volunteer’s dedication to teaching is matched by a severe lack of supplies and facilities in which to help. Contributions to this fund will help Volunteer and community projects such as school construction, English language training, school and library material, and adult literacy.

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