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English Resource Classroom
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Project Type(s):

Country: Ukraine
Volunteer(s) Name: E Kotay
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Kansas
Funds community contributed: $1308.83
Percentage community contributed: 44%
Funds needed were: $1630
Funds requested were: $1630
PPCP #: 343-152
Year of project approval: 2009
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Info about the English Resource Classroom

A school in Ukraine plans to create an English resource classroom. All three English teachers and the principal have expressed a need for such a classroom. The teachers place a high value on teaching the pupils how to creatively put together projects and presentations in English.

This classroom will provide an inspiring learning environment to keep pupils motivated throughout their language learning. Pupils will have access to authentic English language materials. Many of these have already been acquired through book donations. These resources will aid pupils’ research for project work. The room will provide a space to do imaginative projects and conduct innovative lessons. A computer will allow the teachers and pupils to create and show presentations in English. They will be able to listen to English radio programs on the internet, read the news, and play videos and movies in English. This classroom will allow the English teachers to enhance their teaching style by highlighting the Communicative Approach to language learning; making English real to the pupils, and allowing them to connect creatively with the language.

The school has already dedicated a large room to the project. They plan to decorate with new plants, fresh paint and curtains. The school has obtained eight large desks and 16 chairs for the room and four bookshelves that already display a few pupils’ English projects and books. They are prepared to install internet in the room and pay internet every month along with utilities, and for a janitor to keep the room clean. We are requesting, through the Partnership grant, donations to buy the technological equipment which will enhance lesson plans and pupils’ project work.

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