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Erica Lucille Ward
Flag of Malawi.svg
Country Malawi
Years: 2010-2012
Region(s) Sub-Saharan Africa
Program(s) Health,Health
Assignment(s) AIDS Awareness
From US state North_Carolina
From US town/city Asheville
Erica Ward started in Malawi 2010
Erica Lucille Ward
Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Erica Lucille Ward
Health in Malawi:Health.gif
Erica Lucille Ward
Health in Malawi:Health.gif
Erica Lucille Ward
Other Volunteers who served in Malawi
Flag of Malawi.svg
Shelly Bankston, Robert Blackwill, Martin Giannini, Gary Gregory, Kwang Han, Leo Higdon, Thomas Laffey, Jamie lewis, Ted London, Kathryn MacGillivary, Kelly Orr (Johnson), Varina Rogers, Jennifer Rose, Kevin H. Souza, Spencer Martin … further results
Projects in Malawi
Flag of Malawi.svg
HIV/AIDS Support Center, Health Center Replacement Pump, Honey Storage and Processing House, School Library (Malawi), Secondary School Teacher Housing, Small Business for Community Women
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