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This is general page to list general or specific resources available to PCVs and applicants.
|fatalitycause=Accidental Poisoning
|fatalitydate=August 26, 1976
==General Resources==
[http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/2018335.html PCOL Entry]
*[[Application Process]]
*[[Educational requirements for volunteers]]
*[[External Information]]
*[[Follow]] volunteers stories on [http://www.peacecorpsjournals.com/ PeaceCorpsJournals], RSS, Daily Emails, Facebook, or Twitter
*[[Forms]] For Applicants, PCVs, RPCVs, and Employees of Peace Corps
*[[Interview Questions]]
*[[Medical Information]]
*[[Packing lists by country]]
*[[Peace Corps events]] From Washington DC to Seattle
*[http://www.peacecorpsjournals.com/manual/ Peace Corps Manual] (Rules and regulations of the entire agency)
*[[Peace Corps offices by country]]
*[[Phone Directory]]
*<b>[[Timeline|STAGING DATES]]</b>
*[[Volunteer discounts]]
*[[Welcome Books]]'''
* [http://www.peacecorpswiki.org/reports/Out-of-100.xls Out of 100]
* [[2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey | 2008 Volunteer Survey]]'''
** [http://www.peacecorpswiki.org/2008_Biennial_Volunteer_Survey#Rankings Country Rankings]
** [http://www.peacecorpswiki.org/2008_Biennial_Volunteer_Survey#Scores Country Scores]
* [[Early Termination]]
* [http://www.peacecorpswiki.org/FOIAdocs/FY2008Volunteers.xls Volunteers by country]
* [[Departures by month]]
* [[Volunteer Allowances]]
* [[Inspector General Reports]]
* [[The Safety of the Volunteer | Safety Statistics]]
* [[The Health of the Volunteer | Health Statistics]]
* [[Dissertations relating to Peace Corps | Dissertations]]
* [http://knol.google.com/k/andrew-czernek/peace-corps-volunteers/o4q327ykmzte/5# Studies of PCVs]
* [http://www.peacecorpswiki.org/images/Wiki_and_Journals_Stats_May_2009.pdf Wiki and Journals statistics]

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{{#if:August 26, 1976|Passed away: Date of death::August 26, 1976|}}

Country Served in::Cameroon
Started Service:|}} Started service in::|}}
Group Code|}} ,|x|Group code was::x}}
Site(s)|}} ,|x|Name of community was::x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x|, Name of community was::x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x|, Name of community was::x}}
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Assignment(s)|}} ,|x|Primary assignment was::x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x|, Primary assignment was::x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x|, Primary assignment was::x}}
Cause of death:|}} Cause of death::Accidental Poisoning|}}
Age:|}} [[Age at death::{{{ageatdeath}}}]]|}}
Volunteer's Homestate|}} [[Is from state::{{{state}}}]]|}}
{{#if:Cameroon|Passed away while serving in: Cameroon|}}
{{#ask:Served in::Cameroon|format=list|limit=15}}
{{#if:August 26, 1976|Passed away in: August 26, 1976|}}
{{#if:August 26, 1976|{{#ask:Date of death::August 26, 1976|format=list|limit=15}}|}}
{{#if:|From US State: [[{{{state}}}]]|}}
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{{#if:|[[]] in Cameroon|}}
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Other Volunteers who passed away while serving in Peace Corps.
{{#ask:Date of death::+|format=list|limit=15}}
Source: FOIA request #10076 (June 2010)

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