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The community of Rivne, Ukraine would like to insulate three orphanages in the region. The current conditions in the orphanages are unbearable in the winter due to cold temperatures and drafts caused by inadequate insulation. The rooms are so cold that the children must wear jackets indoors. In addition, there is inadequate circulation, which results in poor air quality. The insulations will benefit over 500 orphans between the ages of 2 to 17 and the 150 staff members who serve them. Ecoclub, a member of the International Energy Brigades, which helps to insulate the housing of low-income families, orphans, children with disabilities and the elderly, will coordinate the insulations. In addition to practical work, the process includes a campaign to raise public awareness about energy efficiency in households, the environment and the communities' role in the development of a civil society. The community will provide labor and transportation to help complete this project. Your contribution will help this community in providing adequate housing for these orphans.

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