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[[Image:Map pacific islands.gif|right]]
The types of programs and specific Volunteer activities vary considerably across this vast and diverse region. The majority of Volunteers work in health, the environment, and education, with large numbers also engaged in small business development and agriculture. Volunteer activities in most countries also target women and youth-at-risk.
For a detailed history of Peace Corps in Inter-America and the Pacific Region see [[Inter-America and Pacific|here]]
|[[Fiji]] ||[[Samoa]]
|[[Kiribati]] ||[[Tonga]]
|[[Micronesia and Palau]] ||[[Vanuatu]]
|[[Cook Islands]] ||[[Papua New Guinea]]
|[[Marshall Islands]] ||[[Solomon Islands]]
|[[Niue]] ||[[Tuvalu]]
|[[East Timor]]
'''[[The Pacific Islands]]''' currently represents '''4%''' of the volunteers.
By sector:<br>
Volunteers serving in [[The Pacific Islands]]<br>
'''26%''' are [[Education| Education Volunteers]]<br>
'''26%''' are [[Health| Health Volunteers]]<br>
'''21%''' are [[Business Development|Business]] and [[Information technology|Information & Communication Technology Volunteers]]<br>
'''16%''' are [[Environment| Environment Volunteers]]<br>
'''6%''' are [[Youth Outreach|Youth]] and [[Community Development| Community Development Volunteers]]<br>
'''6%''' are [[Agriculture| Agriculture Volunteers]]<br>
==External links==
* [http://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=learn.wherepc.pacificislands&region=pacificislands&noflash=y The Pacific Islands] Official US Peace Corps website on The Pacific Islands
[[Category:The Pacific Islands]]

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