Farm Management and Agribusiness

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Volunteers work with small-scale farmers, farmers' cooperatives, agribusinesses, and nongovernmental organizations. They teach basic business practices such as marketing, credit price determination, and general business planning; work on crop and livestock production and preservation; assist in organizing networks of local farmers; identify market structures and channels; and perform production cost-and-price analysis.

If you can offer a more detailed description than this standard description the Peace Corps offers, please feel free to include that so others can get a better idea of what certain work areas consist of.


Applicants can qualify with a bachelor's degree in agriculture economics or agribusiness; or a degree that combines agriculture and management; or a business or economics degree combined with a year of hands-on experience in farming or agribusiness; or no college degree and at least three years of experience in farm management and agribusiness.


Other relevant experience includes demonstrated interest in agriculture management; farming or gardening work; general knowledge of business, computer skills, research, and networking skills; and the ability to collaborate and share resources with others.

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