Fufulso Schools Rainwater Collection System

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Fufulso Schools Rainwater Collection System

Purpose and Approach

There are two schools in Fufulso – the Fufulso Presby Primary School and Fufulso Presby Junior High School. The Primary school has 508 students in kindergarten through to class six, and the Junior High School has 125 students in Forms one through three. While the community lies between the Black and White Volta Rivers, there are no safe sources of water in the village. In order to provide the Fufulso schools with a source of clean drinking water, this project seeks to construct a simple rain-harvesting system on the school campus. The system will consist of four 5000-liter water tanks, connected to the roofs via gutters and PVC pipes, and seated upon 2-foot concrete platforms. The community has pledged to contribute their labor, both to set up the system and to maintain it after the project is completed.

The rainwater collection system will consist of four 5000-liter Sintex water tanks, one at each end of the school buildings. Rainwater will be collected with 25-foot gutters, connected to the tanks with a short piece of PVC pipe. The tank inputs will be covered with a guinea worm filter to prevent leaves, lizards, and other foreign matter from entering the water. Each tank will be seated up a two-foot high concrete platform and will have a tap at the bottom for fetching the water. After the system has been installed, the Project Team will hold a health education session with each class to talk about the importance of clean water and how the system can help them. The team will also hold a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting to discuss the same issues with the parents of the pupils and students, going into more detail about how they can set up simple rain collection systems themselves. During the PTA meeting, some persons will be appointed to be in charge of maintenance of the system, primarily the regular cleaning of the tanks.

Background Information

Several organizations, with UNICEF’s I-WASH program being the most recent, have tried to drill boreholes, but have been unsuccessful because the village appears to be on the water divide between the two rivers. The only sources of water for the community are three dug-out ponds referred to by the locals as dams. Water quality tests have shown the dams to contain many contaminates, including fecal and non-fecal matters. In addition to the problem of contaminates, the dams are far from the village, especially from the school complex.

Furthermore, even though UNICEF has donated ceramic water filters to the village, the women and children still have to walk a long way to fetch the contaminated water to put in the filters. The filters are also easy to break, as can be seen when you go to the school and find nearly half of the ceramic pots for the filters are broken. UNICEF’s temporary water treatment plant which was installed last year has been incredibly unreliable; it’s been broken down for the past three months, and even before that, it had sucked most of the water out of the main dam. The students desperately need a safe water source near the school, and a rainwater collection system is a very simple solution to this problem.


  1. To provide the students of Fufulso Presby Primary and Junior High Schools with clean drinking water.
  2. To increase awareness of the importance of clean sources of water on the part of the students and community members.
    1. To encourage students to always seek out clean sources of water and be cognizant of where their water comes from.
    2. To inspire community members to create rainwater collection systems of their own in other parts of the community.

Action Plan

Step Task Needed Materials Responsible Party Estimated Timetable
1 Discuss project with Primary and JHS Headmasters and opinion leaders None PCV, counterpart, Assemblyman, Headmasters & opinion leaders July
2 Check with ITFC to see if used water tanks are available None PCV & counterpart July
3 Price materials in Tamale None PCV & counterpart July
4 Purchase water tanks and transport from Gushie (ITFC office) to Fufulso Truck PCV & counterpart July
5 Purchase other project materials in Tamale and transport to Fufulso Truck PCV & counterpart July
6 Mold blocks Water, cement & sand local mason & PTA Chairman July
7 Build platforms for water tanks blocks, cement, water & sand local mason July
8 Install gutters on school buildings gutters, nails, hammer & wire local carpenter & PTA Chairman July
9 Install taps on water tanks water tanks & taps PTA Chairman & community members July
10 Install water tanks and attach to gutters with PVC pipes water tanks, installed gutters, finished platforms, PVC pipes & connectors PTA Chairman & community members July
11 Maintain water system (clean tanks and gutters) finished water system, water & soap Headmasters & PTA Chairman Monthly from August onward


Currency Exchange Rate: 1.42 Ghana Cedi = 1.00 US Dollar

Partnership Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
5000L Sintex water tank 4 tanks 575 2,300 1,619.72
25-ft gutter 4 pieces 70 280 197.18
8-ft PCV pipes 1 pipe 9 9 6.34
4-in elbow PVC connectors 8 pieces 2.50 20 14.08
Water taps 4 pieces 9 36 25.35
Cement 10 bags 13.50 135 95.07
Sand 1 trip 70 70 49.30
Transportation of water tanks 1 trip 150 150 105.63
Gravel 1 trip 30 30 21.13
3" nail 3 pounds 1 3 2.11
PVC glue 1 container 4.50 4.50 3.17
Total 3,037.50 2,139.08

Community Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Labor for fetching water 2 people 30 60 42.25
Labor for molding blocks 4 people 20 40 28.17
Labor for masonry of tank platforms 2 people 40 80 56.34
Labor for maintenance of the system 2 people (for initial 5 months) 30 300 211.27
Water for platform work 1 tank 50 50 35.21
Space for mounting water system 4 spaces 150 600 422.54
Total 1,130.00 795.78

Total Project Cost
 % Contribution Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Partnership Contribution 73 3,037.50 2,139.08
Community Contribution 27 1,130.00 795.78
Total Project Cost 4,167.50 2,934.86

Peace Corps Resources

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Project Reflection and Sustainability

Once the construction phase is over and rains have begun to fill the tanks, the Project Team will observe the number of persons who fetch water from the tanks fro drinking rather than going to the dams. The team will also visit the dam side and talk to those who are still fetching drinking water from the dam to find out why they are doing so and educate them on the importance of clean water. Follow-up meetings will be held with the PTA to allow them to share their opinions of the water system and ideas for creating similar systems in other parts of the community.