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|Volunteer=  Gary Winner
|Volunteer=  Winner, Gary
|Country=    Philippines  
|Country=    Philippines  
|Years=      1973-1976
|Years=      1973-1976
|Group=      Don't remember
|Group=      Don't remember the number
|Site=        Cagayan de Oro City
|Site=        Cagayan de Oro City
|Sector=      Aquaculture/Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
|Sector=      Aquaculture/Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

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Winner, Gary


Philippines (1973-1976)


Cagayan de Oro City


Aquaculture/Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

During my three and a half years in the Philippines, I worked on several memorable projects. Prawn (sugpo) culture in fish ponds, support of the South East Asia Development Economic Council Research Station, fish pond engineering, pesticide control, and freshwater ponds in Marawi. I remember working with other PCVs such as Kevin Hopkins in the earlier fisheries group and the Lineberry family in the animal husbandry group. During my years there, Cagayan de Oro was a good PCV assignment location. Plenty of rural life with the support needed from a regional government location, a commercial center, a major port area and airport, and several university campuses.

Equally memorable but not as nostalgic were: waking up with king cobras in the same room; bullets flying when police or security guards would hear a sound after curfew during the "Martial Law" days; and the cultural and physical impacts of battles between the Philippine Army and Constabulary vs. the Moslem “rebels.”

I fondly remember my years as a PCV. The people I met and the work in which I participated. I married while in the Philippines (which did not work so well) and have two grown wonderful children (which certainly did work out well.)

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