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|pc= Volunteers
|firstname= Lee
|middlename= V
|lastname= Wilbur
|country= Jordan
|yearservicestarted= 2002
|yearserviceended= 2002
|site= South Shounah
|site2= Joffa
|group= {{{group}}
|program= Master's International
|assignment01= NGO Advising
|assignment02=Youth Development
== Description of Service ==
== About Lee Wilbur  Today ==
== External Links ==
*Personal homepage/Blog:
*Facebook page:
*Myspace page:
*Linked-in page:
== Publications based on Peace Corps Experience ==
== References  ==
(for all information above)
[[category:Jordan_Volunteers_2002_South Shounah]]
[[category:South Shounah]]
[[category:South Shounah_2002]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Wilbur,Lee }}

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Lima, Peru
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Lima follows the same naming convention as an article in Wikipedia. go there! What's this?


See Appropriate technology information on Lima at:Lima at Appropedia.


Lima, Located in::Peru
If you served in Peru, please create a page on yourself. Thanks!

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