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[ Terpal]
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[ Bangun rumah sukabumi]
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[ Tenda lipat]
[ Tenda kerucut]

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US Peace Corps

Status: ACTIVE

American Overseas Staff (FY2010): FP 03 (Patel, Avani, J, $ 83,287), FP 02 (Hoffer, Kristine, $ 94,064), FP 02 (Moler, Robert, G, $ 105,870), FP 01 (Koffman, Michael, C, $ 150,913)

Latest Early Termination Rates (FOIA 11-058):

(2008 24 %),  (2007 36 %),  (2006 36 %), 2005 29 %

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Peace Corps Welcome Book


Country Director:

Michael Koffman


Small Enterprise Development

Program Dates:

1961 - Present

Current Volunteers:


Total Volunteers:


Languages Spoken:

Buli, Guruni, Dagare, Dagbani, Dangme, Ewe, Fanté, Ga, Gonja, Hausa, Kasem, Kusaal, Likpakpaln, Mampruli, Moar, Nankam, Nzema, Sisaali, Taleni, Waale, Wassa


Flag of Ghana.svg


Peace Corps History

Main article: History of the Peace Corps in Ghana

Ghana was the first country in the world to receive Peace Corps Volunteers. The program began with 50 Volunteers arriving on August 30, 1961. (A 51st volunteer in that group arrived about a month later.) Since that time, more than 3,700 Volunteers have served here successfully. Ghana's stable government, commitment to democracy, and extensive efforts to reform its economy are the key factors that contribute to the Peace Corps' impact. And Peace Corps has been a witness the reform of Ghana through its successes and challenges in the post-colonial history of Ghana.

Currently, 50 years later, there are over 100 Volunteers and trainees working in the fields of health and water and sanitation, education, small business development and environment. Peace Corps/Ghana brings in approximately 75 new trainees each year. Volunteers work in all 10 regions of Ghana.

Invitees and Trainees Corner

Section articles:

Living conditions and volunteer lifestyles in Ghana
Diversity and cross-cultural issues in Ghana
Health care and safety in Ghana
Pre-Departure Checklist
Packing list for Ghana
Training in Ghana
FAQs about Peace Corps in Ghana


Check out the on YouTube to see what is going on in Peace Corps around the world.

Learn a little about the most widely spoken language in Ghana.

You can also download Twi, Dagbani and Fante audio files created by Peace Corps Volunteers

Volunteer Corner

The Obruni Cooking Book is now available! (Cop it while it's hot.)

Other websites:

The Emeritus Corner

Main article: Emeritus Corner

Under Construction

This section will provide information for RPCVs (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) and soon-to-be RPCVs. Content that provides advice for: mailing packages to the States, where to look for jobs (including within Peace Corps), how to market Peace Corps on your resume, graduate school information, taking the GRE and GMAT, and any other useful information.

Section articles:

Graduate school advice (including advice for taking the GRE and GMAT)
RPCV Job Search
Volunteers who served in Ghana

Peace Corps News

Current events relating to Peace Corps are also available by country of service or your home state

The following is automatic RSS feed of Peace Corps news for this country.

( As of Thursday April 17, 2014 )

Terpal Tenda Bangun rumah sukabumi Tenda cafe Tenda lipat Tenda kerucut

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