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[[H1|Question H1's Rank]] on the [[2008 Volunteer Survey]].<br>
The type of this attribute is [[has type::number]].<br>
'''[[2008 Volunteer Survey]] RANKINGS'''
*[[H1|'''2008 H1''' How personally rewarding is your overall Peace Corps service?]]
*[[H2|'''2008 H2''' Today would you make the same decision to join the Peace Corps?]] 
*[[H3|'''2008 H3''' Would you recommend Peace Corps service to others you think are qualified?]]
*[[H4|'''2008 H4''' Do you intend to complete your Peace Corps service?]]
*[[H5|'''2008 H5''' How well do your Peace Corps experiences match the expectations you had before you became a Volunteer?]] 
*[[H6|'''2008 H6''' Would your host country benefit the most if the Peace Corps program were---?]] 
| ?2008 H1r
| ?2008 H2r
| ?2008 H3r
| ?2008 H4r
| ?2008 H5r
| ?2008 H6r
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