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| colspan="2" align="center" | '''<big>Diversity and cross-cultural issues in [[{{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]] </big>'''
|In fulfilling the Peace Corps’ mandate to share the face of America with their host countries, Peace Corps is making special efforts to see that all of America’s richness is reflected in the Volunteer corps. More Americans of color are serving in today’s Peace Corps than at any time in recent years. Differences in race, ethnic background, age, religion, and sexual orientation are expected and welcomed among our Volunteers. Part of the Peace Corps’ mission is to help dispel any notion that Americans are all of one origin or race and to establish that each of us is as thoroughly American as the other despite our many differences.
*[[Packing list for {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[Training in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[Living conditions and volunteer lifestyles in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]] 
*[[Health care and safety in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[Diversity and cross-cultural issues in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[FAQs about Peace Corps in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
*[[History of the Peace Corps in {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]
| width="35%" |'''See also:'''<br>
* What Might a Volunteer Face?
** [[Possible issues for female volunteers by country | Female Volunteers]]
** [[Possible issues for volunteers of color by country | Volunteers of Color]]
** [[Possible issues for senior volunteers by country | Senior Volunteers]]
** [[Possible issues for gay, lesbian, or bisexual volunteers by country | Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Volunteers]]
** [[Possible religious issues for volunteers by country | Possible Religious Issues for Volunteers]]
** [[Possible issues for volunteers with disabilities by country | Volunteers With Disabilities]]
** [[Possible issues for married volunteers by country | Possible Issues for Married Volunteers]]
[[Category:Diversity and cross-cultural issues by country]]
[[Category:Welcomebook chapters]]
[[Category:{{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |5}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |6}} {{#explode:{{PAGENAME}}| |7}}]]

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