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The primary goal of the PeacecorpsWiki is to gather content. New users should not worry about making it look pretty. New contributors are encouraged to add and edit pages. This is a modified standard help page. Look for the links in the text to find more information.


[edit] How to basics

You can add pages, or edit (including modifying or deleting) most pages in PeacecorpsWiki. Click the "edit" tab at the top to edit the whole page, or click on one of the "edit" links within the page to change that specific part. Every 3 to 5 minutes, click "Save Page" button at the bottom and edit the page again if you have not finished. That is the very basics on how to change a page! The Sandbox page is a place to play. Have fun.

Help us improve Help. Edit the Feedback page to post questions. For example, "How do I add a page?, needs to be on that help box thingy . Or edit the FAQs page, which is about Frequently Asked Questions and has answers, tips and tricks.

If you edit something, please communicate why. There are two places for this. The discussion tab on any page is a good place for longer comments about the page. (Since it is a page, you will have to click on the discussion tab, then the edit tab). The second place is the "Summary area" at the bottom of the edit area. For example, we will put "edit help intro for new user". This will show up when we click on the history tab.

[edit] How to edit

File:WikiFON page tabs.JPG
The edit tab at the top of every page is one way to change a page. Click on it to edit an entire pages content

To add plain text, simply enter it. If you want to do something more fancy, look how others have done certain things on the page you are editing, or go to one of the links below. Once you are done editing, click on the save button at the bottom, and you will have changed the page.

The easiest way to do simply things is use the editing buttons, shown below. When you click edit, they are displayed at the top. (For some functions, you might want to highlight text before you click a button). Below is a list of what the buttons do, in order of their appearance on the button bar.

When you think it is a good time to save (do it often on this WikiFON) please write a brief note in the summary before clicking the save button. We added a page link in our example, we might want to click the "Watch this page", so it will appear in "my watchlist" the next time anyone changes it.

That is the short lesson on how to edit.

[edit] Pictures and files

_____________________needs editing. What is policy? Please see Help:Pictures for more information.

[edit] External Links

For more help, check out these Wikipedia links:

Also see:

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