Hiking in Armenia

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Walking in the Armenian Highlands: Common Sense and Practical Experience

In general Armenians pretty much leave you alone especially if you walk in the hills: generally for problems to occur the situation must set itself up. In order words there are not thieves waiting in the hills for the unsuspecting hike, but…

The difference in value of money is around 5 to 1; in other words 100 drams for an Armenia is like one dollar for an American. So keep valuable items in cases and it your backpack, don’t flaunt or offer items to Armenians, like cameras or binoculars, especially in the mountains with no witnesses and you don’t know the people.

Keep all verbal exchanges as short as possible, the herders and highland farmers will be very curious why you are walking in the mountains. Out of curiosity they will want to know as much as possible, often maxing-out your language skills, (just like drinking) refuse if you don’t want them to continue with you or guide you. If any tension arises turn and start walking away. They may follow but will generally not confront you after you turn your back.

Tell someone the general direction you are going and an estimated time you plan to return home

If you trying out new terrain by yourself, be sure to know your limits as well as telling someone about your plans and the general time that you expect to return home.

If your hiking in wet or variable weather condition, hazards increase sometimes exponentially it is wise to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment or wait for more mild and favorable conditions

They’re few real hiking paths that mean that most trails are for farmers or herders or jeeps. They may lead no where and especially in the woods you may go in circles with out a compass and map

There are hunters in the mountains they generally take Jeep trails to hunting grounds, keep your ears open for shooting, most are shooting birds like quail it may be wise to wear one piece of bright clothing.