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==Description of Peace Corps Service==
Mr. David C. Peterson entered training on July 16, 1967 at Camp David Crozier, Arecibo, Puerto Rico and completed an intensive ten-week program.  Included in the subjects studied were Spanish, Panamanian History, Cooperatives, Economics, and Investigation of Barriada Problems.
He was enrolled in the Peace Corps on October, 1967. Upon arrival in Panama, Mr. Peterson participated in a five-week orientation program at Desarrollo Comunal Urbano (Urban Community Development) in Panama City. He was responsible to the Instituto para la Formacion y Aprovechamiento de Recursos Humanos (IFARHU), an autonomous government agency during his service in Panama. Mr. Peterson served as an occupational counselor assigned to the Centro Nacional de Aprendizaje (National Apprenticeship Center). As a Peace Corps Volunteer and Occupational Counselor, he worked in professional training at three levels: semi-skilled, skilled, and professional. This position involved the selection and follow-up procedures of the personnel related to the three above mentioned groups and included the following duties: interviewing, psychological testing, selection, supervision and counseling of students.
Additionally, he attended the XII Interamerican Psychology Congress, 30 March – 6 April, 1969 in Montevideo, Uruguay as a delegate of IFARHU. He visited the countries of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.
Pursuant to section 5 (f) of the Peace Corps Act, 22 U.S.C.S 2504 (f), as amended, any former Volunteer employed by the United States Government following his Peace Corps Volunteer service is entitled to have any period of satisfactory Peace Corps Volunteer service credited for purposes of retirement, seniority, reduction in force, leave and other privileges based on length of Government service.
This is to certify in accordance with Executive Order No. 11103 of April 10, 1963, that Mr. David C. Peterson served satisfactorily as a Peace Corps Volunteer. His service ended on August 20, 1969. His benefits under the Executive Order extend for a period of one year after termination of Volunteer service, except that the employing agency may extend the period for up to three years for a former Volunteer who enters military service of pursues studies at a recognized institution of higher education.
Signed by John B Arango
Peace Corps Director/Panama
August 20, 1969
==Description of Crisis Corps Service==
DATES OF SERVICE:  08 September to 07 October, 2005
NAME:  David C. Peterson
COUNTRY:  United States, Group 1
STATE:  Louisiana
POSITION TITLE:  Applicant Services Specialist in the Individual Assistance Cadre
===Description of training===
Conducted at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s training center in Orlando, Florida, David Peterson received training in the functions of Disaster Recovery Centers including tracking the status of applications via web based programs, providing referrals and mitigation information, and problem resolution. David Peterson also received training in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission standards and Safety and Security in the field.
Upon graduation from the center, David Peterson was able to assist with web based applications; routing applicants to appropriate services; providing authoritative information, explanations, program requirements and referrals to applicants affected by disasters, and assist in case processing and program eligibility decisions.
David Peterson was sworn in as a Crisis Corps Volunteer on 09 September 2005.
===Description of assignment===
Following training David was deployed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the Joint Field Office of FEMA David was assigned to Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) #2 in Marksville, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana as an Applicant Services Representative.  At the DRC he worked with volunteers from various agencies, FEMA employees, and personnel from other support groups. In his position he met one-on-one with evacuees from hurricanes Katrina and Rita with the primary purpose of providing information and requirements of the individual assistance programs for which they were eligible.
The most important responsibilities involved accessing the individual records of the applicants in the FEMA software database and verifying the accuracy of that information, making necessary corrections, additions and updates; assisting the applicant to resolve specific issues; referring the applicant to other assistance programs, community resources and other appropriate agencies; reviewing the applicant status to determine eligibility for financial and direct assistance, then forwarding it to the National Processing Service Center; and determining the applicant’s immediate and long-term housing needs.
David became very proficient in the FEMA web based applications and knowledgeable of FEMA programs. He was initially one of two volunteers at the center who had a PC and access to the FEMA website. David was selected as a trainer to cross train others at the DRC and train new staff toward the end of his assignment. As a fluent Spanish speaker he was called on occasionally to assist speakers of that language. David, along with other volunteers, helped set up the DRC the day before opening. The manager of the DRC provided a very positive Performance Review and Recommendation in appreciation of his service.
===Primary Project===
Katrina Louisiana Disaster Recovery, DRC #2, Marksville, Louisiana
David served as an Applicant Services Representative interviewing the applicants to ensure they received the benefits to which they were entitled. The data collected was entered on a FEMA personal computer.
===Other experiences===
David witnessed first hand the arrival of Hurricane Rita on September 22 and 23, but fortunately his area was spared major damage and the DRC was only closed one day.  David worked one day with the US Public Health Service at the Lamar-Dixon Animal Shelter in Gonzales, LA, monitoring the area from a health perspective and recommending changes to make it safe for the workers.
===Comments on physical demands of the position===
David, along with most of the DRC staff, was housed in the nearby community of Bunkie. He commuted daily about 15 miles each way to and from the DRC in Marksville. The DRC staff reported at 0700 each morning and worked until 1900, or later if necessary, to accommodate the evacuees. For three nights David lived in a tent city near Baton Rouge before his deployment to the DRC.
===Privacy Act Notice / Non-Competitive Eligibility===
The information requested herein is collected pursuant to Section 5 of the Peace Corps Act (USC 2504 (f)).  The information will be used exclusively to prepare the Description of Volunteer Service Statement, which will be permanently retained by the Peace Corps.  The statement will be used to verify service performed.
This is to certify in accordance with Executive Order No. 11103 of April 10, 1963 that David C. Peterson served satisfactorily as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  His service ended on 07 October 2005.
Pursuant to Section 5(f) of the peace Corps Act, 22 USC No. 2504 (f) as amended, any former Volunteer employed by the United States government following his /her Peace Corps Service is entitled to have any period of satisfactory Peace Corps Volunteer Service based on length of government service.  Peace Corps service shall not be credited toward completion of a probationary p0r trial period or completion of any service requirement for career appointment.
NOTE:  Presidential directive establishing non-competitive eligibility in 1963 after completion of at least one year of Peace Corps service; see Federal Personnel Manual (FPM), Chapter 315, 6-7.  Therefore, service under the Katrina Relief Initiative does not qualify.
Signed by Mary Angelini, 21 March 2006
Director of the Crisis Corps
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