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"Kitty" Piercy is the current mayor of Eugene, Oregon, sworn in January of 2005.

The press dubbed Piercy's election part of a "shift to the left" for the Eugene City Council.[citation needed]

She is notable for overriding a decision to build a stretch of road that Eugene citizens voted for three times.

Comment on the criticism: These were nonbinding votes of the public. The community knew Kitty Piercy's position on the parkway when they elected her to be the Mayor of Eugene. This proposed highway would have crossed precious wetlands and after nearly 20 years had not received necessary federal approvals and would likely be held up in the courts for many more years.

After she became mayor, those who wanted the road refused to work with an independent facilitator to determine if there were mutually agreeable solutions to traffic problems in West Eugene.

Currently as a result of Mayor Piercy's advocacy, a broadbased and diverse community group is working together with those same facilitators to propose how to solve the transportation issues in west Eugene.

Director of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood Southwestern Oregon State Representative/House Democratic Leader Early Childhood Educator, Patterson Community School Art Teacher Campaign Organizer Elementary School Teacher Peace Corps Volunteer, Asmara, Ethiopia (present-day Eritrea).


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