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Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean/St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Mance Buttram served in the Peace Corps of the United States as a Youth/Community Development Volunteer from May 15, 2003, to May 31, 2005, for a total length of service of two years.

After a highly competitive application process stressing strong applicant skills, adaptability and cross-cultural sensitivity, PCV Mance Ruttram began Peace Corps rraining on April 2,2003. The intensive six-week training program was conducted at sites in the Caribbean and included orientation to West Indian culture, familiarity with government and ministry operations. familiarity with educational systems, technical skills acquisition in HIV/AIDS and training in customs and Creole lanpuage. Throughout his Peace Corps service, PCV Mance Buttram also participated in various in-service workshops and conferences to further develop his technical and cross-cultural skills.

PCV Mance Buttram successfully completed training and enrolled as a Peace Corps Volunteer on May 15, 2003. During his first year of service, PCV Mance Buttram was assigned to Emmanuel High School, Kingstown where he was one of 20 faculty members. The school, with and enrollment of 450, offered five grades of study. PCV Buttram reported directly to the school principal, Mr. Asfo Stevens and was responsible for the mandatory Infomation and Computer Technology program for all 96 grade three students. PCV Burtram's duties included curriculum development, daily lesson planning, constructing snd administering exams and evaluating students' perfmance.

Additionally, PCV Mance Buttram was assigned to the Ministy of Health, HIV/AIDS Unit. This six person government organization provides counseling to infected people and educational support to communities and schools. In his role at the HIV/AIDS Unit, PCV Mance Buttram assisted in planning and implementing educational promotions, facilitating community workshops and curriculum development.

HIV/AIDS and Wealth Education Activities Structured and implemented an HIVIAIDS education and prevention campaign directed at a11 new students at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. The semester-long prcgrarn involed assessment of students' existing knowledge of the disease, education and its risks and creating and facilitating small group forurns to discuss behavior change, stigma and other sexual health issues. ColIabosated with another PCV to hold HIV/AIDS education and prevention workshops for residents of four rural villages and three secondary schools. Organized a four-part health education seminar covering nutrition, fitness, HIV/AIDS and stress management at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

Information and Computer Technology Training Activities Collaborated with two other PCVs and the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force to conduct three introductory computer classes for trainees at the Police Force Academy. Conducted a two-month computer-training program for teachers at the Brighton Village Primary School. The focus of the class was learning to use the computer as an education tool for presenting material, calculating grades, researching information and word processing. Conducted a two-month introductory computer class for 20 parents of the Brighton Village Primary School P.T.A.

Community Development Activities Co-hosted "Peace Corps Alive and Well," taIk radio program for one year. The program discussed Peace Corps projects, health issues and cornmunity, regional and world news and events. Assisted local teachers at the Calliaqua Primary School with the "Children Against Poverty" summer education program by tutoring children ages 5-10 with reading, writing, math, and art. Taught water safety, life saving and swimming skiIls to children ages 4- 14 as part of the Ministry of Education's summer program.