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The Peace Corps’ Medical Clearance System (MCS) is responsible for medically screening applicants to ensure that Peace Corps posts are provided with healthy Volunteers who can serve for 27 months without undue disruption. The MCS is one component of the Volunteer Delivery System (VDS), a continuous cycle of Volunteer recruitment, screening, and placement that allows the Peace Corps to deliver healthy, qualified, and suitable Volunteers to host countries.

Once an applicant is nominated for Peace Corps service, the applicant is sent a Medical Kit, which includes medical, dental, and reimbursement forms with instructions for completing the forms. The Office of Medical Services Pre-Service Unit is responsible for the MCS and mails all nominated applicants a Medical Kit of medical and dental forms with guidance for completing the required evaluations, tests, x-rays and documentation requests. Instructions to complete the Medical Kit are found in both the “Comprehensive Medical and Dental Package,” a 32-page booklet, and in a customized packet of letters and forms printed from the Expert System.

Once the Medical Kit is completed by the applicant and the applicant’s examining physician, dentist, optometrist, and any specialists, as appropriate, a screening nurse reviews the applicant’s Medical Kit and reaches a determination of medical clearance (QUA), clearance with restrictions (RST), deferral (DFR), or disqualification (MNQ). If an applicant is cleared with restrictions, the Pre-Service Unit works with Office of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection (VRS) and the Peace Corps post to ensure that the applicant is sent to a post with reasonable accommodations for the applicant’s medical condition(s). If an applicant is medically disqualified, he or she can appeal the decision by submitting new information to the Screening Review Board.

Program Evaluation Report

Program Evaluation Report: Peace Corps’ Medical Clearance System March 2008

(Note: All documents were obtained from Peace Corps, by request, using the Freedom of Information Act and are in public domain)

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