Medical and Dental Forms

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After you are nominated, you will receive a Medical Kit in the mail approximately a week, week and a half later. This kit will include physical, dental, & optometry forms to be filled out by your respective doctors. In addition, some, but not all, applicants may have additional forms to have filled out based on any conditions that they recognized in their initial Health application.

Please note that while these are scanned forms of what they send, do not print and fill them out and send them back. They should be used as a guideline only to gain an idea of what you'll have to do. I would venture to say the most they should be used is if you have to go to the doctor prior to receiving your medical kit, then to use this as a guideline for your physical, and once your medical kit arrives, go back with the papers they've sent you and have the official ones filled out.

Dental Evaluation Form

Medical Examination Form