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Mr. Michael Madej

SED/ICT Volunteer 2006 – 2008 Kenya

After a competitive application process, stressing applicant skills, adaptability and cross cultural understanding Mr. Michael Madej was invited into Peace Corps service. He was assigned to serve in Kenya as a Small Enterprise Development and ICT Volunteer.

Mr. Michael Madej entered into training on September 22, 2006, participating in an intensive ten week program in Kitui, Kenya. Language training in Kiswahili consisted of 150 hours. Other training included: 72 hours cross cultural, 105 hours technical, 24 hours medical, 24 hours safety and security, 24 hours field-based training and development, and 10 hours Peace Corps policy and administration. At the close of training, Mr. Michael Madej tested at “Intermediate High” on his Kiswahili Language Proficiency Interview (LPI). At his final LPI on February 6th, 2008 he achieved the rating of “Moderate High.”

After successfully completing training, Mr. Michael Madej was sworn in as a Volunteer on November 30, 2006. Upon being sworn in Mr. Michael Madej began doing Market Research in South Coast from Msambweni to Mombasa (South Coast). His primary assignment was with Centro International de la Papa (the International Potato Center, CIP) and was located in Msambweni Kenya, Coast Province. Mr. Michael Madej was subjected to an interview process and was the one chosen out of three possible candidates.

Mr. Michael Madej has also undergone a successful secondary project working with a local community based organization (CBO) called Vinono Vyenhu. This CBO provided the community with public health information sessions dealing directly with HIV/AIDS awareness. Through the assistance of the Peace Corps Mr. Michael Madej helped Vinono Vyenhu to be awarded $5,000 (US) in funds to create a campsite via the Peace Corps VAST Program. The campsite, finished in December 2007, uses the funds from travelers and guests to help fund their HIV/AIDS community awareness programs as well as donate 20% of their earnings to the local community. Vinono Vyenhu has funded two HIV/AIDS awareness sessions since opening the campsite.

Other achievements Mr. Michael Madej accomplished during his service include serving on the Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC) as the Small Business Enterprise Development representative, started a hammock sales business, the head editor of the PC Standard, a volunteer newspaper, as well as owning his own dhow (boat) and learning to sail and fish using local techniques.

Mr. Michael Madej served successfully as a Peace Corps Volunteer from November 30, 2006 to February 8, 2008. Mr. Michael Madej completed his service on February 8, 2008 during a period of political and civil unrest in Kenya.

Pursuant to Section 5(f) of the Peace Corps Act 22 U.S.C. and 2504 (f), as amended, any former Volunteer employed by the United States Government following his/her Peace Corps Volunteer Service is entitled to have any period of satisfactory Peace Corps service credited for purposes of retirement, seniority, reduction in force, leave, and other privileges based on the length of Government service. That service shall not be credited toward completion of the probationary or trial period or completion of any service requirement for career appointment.

This is to certify in accordance with Executive Order 11103 of April 10, 1963 that Mr. Michael Madej served successfully as a Peace Corps Volunteer. He ended his service on February 08, 2008 due to political unrest in Kenya. Therefore he is eligible to be appointed as a career conditional employee in the competitive civil service on a non-competitive basis. This benefit under the Executive Order extends for a period of one year after termination of volunteer service, except that the employing agency may extend the period for up to three years for a former volunteer who pursues studies at a recognized institution of higher learning, enters military service, or engages in other activities which, in the view of the appointing agency, warrants extension of the period.