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What does "nomination" mean?

After your interview, your recruiter will match your skills with a program that needs those skills and nominate you to that program. Nomination means that you will know the general program you will work in, the geographic region, and your approximate departure date.

If this sounds like a step in the right direction, it is! But take note—nomination only means that your recruiter has recommended you for a given program. A formal invitation to that program can only be made after your medical and legal review is complete and after you have been deemed qualified and suitable for Peace Corps service by our Placement Office.

Something to think about: Peace Corps will take into consideration any preferences you have for where you'd like to serve. But when deciding on your nomination, your recruiter is most concerned with finding a fit between your skills and a country's needs. You'll need to be flexible and trust that Peace Corps will match you up with the program that is best for both you and the community you'll be serving.

Keep reading, you're getting there—next up is "Step 4: Medical and Legal Clearance.

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