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USDOJ: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
The Peace Corps is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, including provisions of the Act providing individuals with the right to request records created by the Peace Corps and other federal agencies.

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The following articles contain documents that were requested from Peace Corps, via the FOIA, and are therefore in public domain.

FOIA Pending, Closed or Pending Appeal

Please Add or Edit entries by entering full FOIA article name (ex:FOIA 10111) {{#forminput:foia}} (based on semantic info in the FOIA template on particular FOIA request pages) Sorted by Response date "*" All Business Day Calculations minus February 8th through 12th 2010 (5 business days) the federal government was closed because of snow.
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For older requests:

Also See

The Government Attic

Excellent resource for finding FOIA docs (Example: "printout of the IG investigations closed since October 2008")

Submitting a Request yourself

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