Odessa Children's Boarding School and Orphanage Four

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Odessa Children's Boarding School and Orphanage Four
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Odessa
Region: Odessa
Country: Ukraine
Volunteer(s) Name: T. Bailey
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Alaska
Volunteer(s) Home city: Juneau
Affiliate organization: Odessa Boarding School Orphanage Number Four
Funds community contributed: $2523.00
Percentage community contributed: 47%
Funds needed were: $2800.00
Funds requested were: $2800.00
PPCP #: 343-025
Year of project approval: 2001
Project located: yes
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Info about the Odessa Children's Boarding School and Orphanage Four

The Odessa Boarding School Orphanage Number Four was built in 1959 for a population of two hundred students. It currently houses 419 orphans. The orphanage belongs to the city of Odessa. The children range in age from six to eighteen, grades one through eleven. The orphanage is seeking support to purchase five computers for a computer lab. The orphanage will hold an accelerated training course with donated time by local computer experts. These newly trained teachers will then act as computer instructors to their own students and other teachers of the orphanage. A curriculum for teachers to teach students computer skills will also be developed. National Exams to get into higher education institutions for tenth and eleventh graders are expected to increase by 10%. This is because necessary and often difficult to find course material, updated tests, and necessary reading can currently be found on the Internet. Enthusiasm and support from the local community and orphanage is exceptional. The local community has already donated five computer tables, the telephone connection, and monthly Internet time. IREX, a United States Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs program, will also teach weekly courses in the orphanage. The orphanage plans to cover all reoccurring costs through the local community.

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