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:[|The Travel Insider] discusses the different frequency bands around the world.
:[|The Travel Insider] discusses the different frequency bands around the world.
:[|Mobile World Live / Ghana] discusses the frequency bands specific to the companies in Ghana.
:[| Mobile World Live / Ghana] discusses the frequency bands specific to the companies in Ghana.

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Packing List for Ghana

Packing Lists by Country

These lists has been compiled by Volunteers serving in Ghana based on their experience. Use it as an informal guide in making your own list, bearing in mind that experience is individual. There is no perfect list!
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For information see Welcomebooks

The packing list below has been compiled by PCVs in Ghana and is based on their experiences. As a consequence of varying PCV preferences, the list has been separated into three categories to differentiate the importance and availability of each item. This list is not all encompassing but it is a good starting place.


The Backpacker

A Backpacker can be described as a person who only packs the essentials that can be ergonomically placed inside one or two backpacks with a week-long trip in mind. They pack with the intentions of buying more according to the environment of their destination. Therefore, the list below are the items PCVs feel are the most important and cannot be easily found in Ghana.


You are forewarned that you will have to HAND WASH all of your clothes or pay someone to which is hard on clothes. Cotton clothes are the most durable, practical and comfortable. FYI, you can buy the clothes you donated in the past to Goodwill and Salvation Army here for cheap in the markets.

Furthermore, tailors are everywhere in Ghana. And even though they are not all created equal, you can have almost anything made because labor and material is cheap. Ghanaians really appreciate seeing PCVs wearing Ghanaian-tailored clothes, be it traditional or modern. In addition, the cloth that is bought here is strong enough to endure hand-washing, and it is also breathable.

(See donated clothes comment above.)
You will get cold at least one night, trust me!
Because you will attend a dinner at the Ambassadors early in training.
A nice and durable pair.
For the Prefontaines.
Quality gear is hard to find.
Beaches are nice and low-key.


Pack enough to last at least through the 10-week training.
It is primarily found in the major cities so bring enough to last through the 10-week training.


Leatherman's Skeletool is great but remember to not to pack it in your carry-on.
Even though there is a well-developed collection of books at all of the offices and an unofficial system of exchanging the most popular books, you may want to bring a couple of your top choices to last through the 10-week training.
Quality batteries, like Duracel, are only found in Accra.
It is required!
(See Electronics section below.)
(See Electronics section below.)

DO NOT BRING A BIKE HELMET! They can be bought after training and COSing volunteers donate them or sell them for cheap. Save that space for something important.

Peace Corps will provide all volunteers with a first aid kit that contains band aids, anti-diarhea tablets, sun screen, insect repellent, benadryl, etc. Furthermore, medicine like tylenol and aspirin is provided for PCVs upon request for free or purchased at local pharmacies at a nominal expense.

All PCVs will receive a sizable move-in allowance from which you can buy household items for your house/room and a cell phone.

The Traveler

A Traveler is a person who packs with the intentions of a being lightweight but include a few nonessential items. The list below is in addition to The Backpacker list but these comfort or nonessential items can be bought in Ghana if you do not have high standards. That means that the following items are not found everywhere but in most large cities and some market towns, where market towns are typically within an hour or town of most PCVs.


They are great! Yet, they can be made in-country in some fabulous colors.


PC does provide a limited amount to volunteers.


For weight gain or loss.
(See Electronics section below.)
(See Electronics section below.)
These are like travel chess boards, Yahtzee, frisbee, american football, soccer ball, etc.

The Settler

A Settler is a person who packs with the purpose of establishing permanent residence in Ghana. They are people who pack everything and exceed the one luggage weight limit at the airport . . . for both body bags. They pack with the intention of purchasing only disposable items in Ghana. The list below is of luxury items that one could bring if you budget for a small boy to help you carry your bags.


They are everywhere!



Ones of decent quality can be purchased in country.


FYI, if you are a teacher volunteer, you WILL have electricity.

See the following link about electrical plug/outlet and voltage information for Ghana.
It is absolutely feasible to bring a laptop or netbook because about 1 in 3 PCVs currently possess one or the other. However, have a mindset that whatever you bring you are willing to part with it. That is because their are many hazards for electronics, especially computers, in Ghana: theft (insurance cannot recover files from your stolen computer), hot and humid climate, electrical fluctuation and surges, dust and other critters. Therefore, bring a computer at your own risk!
If you have a computer, it is essential to backup your files in case the worst happens. And if you like movies . . .
Cheap cell phones (about $30) can be purchased in Ghana but most phones are knock-offs. Check out the links below to decide if you can use your phone in Ghana or if you want to buy a new one that is compatible with the frequency in both Ghana and the US. Furthermore, there are no cell phone contracts or locked phones here. You simply buy a chip and pay prepaid minutes as you go, and you can switch chips at any time depending on phone rates and cell phone coverage.
Travel Insider discusses the different frequency bands around the world.
Mobile World Live / Ghana discusses the frequency bands specific to the companies in Ghana.
If you have one, bring it. If you don't, buy one because you will have a lot of downtime and you will need a break from reading all the books you read.
So you will not have to share and transfer files on a regular basis, like reports and pictures.
BBC is broadcasted in Ghana.

Care Packages

The staff in Accra picks up packages at least once a week. However, if you do not travel to the main office, you will have to wait for the monthly delivery to the two sub-offices at the first of the month. Typically, it takes about one to three months to receive a package of which you have to pay a small duty fee for.

The address for Peace Corps is below:

Jane Doe (PCV)
Peace Corps Ghana
P.O. Box 5796
Accra-North, Ghana
West Africa

Preferred Gifts

Care packages are just not great for birthdays and holidays but also for receiving things that you wanted to bring but did not have room for in your luggage.

When you receive it, you will understand why it is absolutely fabulous.
Virtually nonexistent here and perhaps the best way to keep up with current events because the internet is not always the swiftest.

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