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This list has been compiled by Volunteers serving in Thailand and is based on their experience. Use it as an informal guide in making your own list, bearing in mind that experience is individual. There is no perfect list! You obviously cannot bring everything we mention, so consider those items that make the most sense to you personally and professionally. As you decide what to bring, keep in mind that you have an 80-pound weight limit on baggage. Although you can get almost everything you need in Thailand, underwear, clothes and shoes in larger sizes may be hard to find here.

One strategy is to pack a box or two with items you probably will not need until after training and arrange for someone to send the boxes to you by surface mail once you get to your site.

Riap roiy (appropriate and complete) professional dress for men consists of nondenim pants such as chinos or Dockers, collared shirts (long- or short-sleeved button-down shirts or polo shirts) in conservative colors and patterns, and casual dress shoes. Professional dress for women consists of knee-length or longer dresses or skirts and blouses (Thai women rarely wear pants to the office). A slip or camisole should be worn under sheer material, and blouses should have sleeves and modest necklines. If a dress is not form-fitting, people may ask you if you are pregnant, so wearing a belt is recommended. Revealing one’s upper thighs, stomach, shoulders, and cleavage is generally frowned upon, even outside a work setting. All clothing should be clean and neatly pressed. Shoes for work should have a back strap. Note that all-black outfits are generally worn only while in mourning.

For both men and women, T-shirts and jeans are fine to wear after hours, and shorts (preferably ones that reach the knee) are fine to wear when working out. Thais do not generally wear shorts in public except in very relaxed situations. Tank tops are not recommended for women. When you are in your own home, however, what you wear is up to you.


General Clothing

For Women

For Men

(Note: It is customary and expected that shoes are removed before entering a house and some offices (including the Peace Corps Office in Bangkok. Lace-up shoes and boots are not recommended.)

Personal Hygiene and Toiletry Items


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