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Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Crop Extension 1961 1964
Business Business Advising 1990 1990
Education English Teacher 1988 1991
English Teacher Trainer 1990 1990
Prim-Ed/Teach Trn 1990 1990
Speech Therapy 1989 1991
Univ. English Teaching 1988 1991
Health Envir. and Water Resource 1963 1965
Home Econ/Ext. 1989 1991
Nursing 1962 1962
Physical Therapy 1990 1990
UNV United Nations Volunteer 1986 1999
Youth and Community Development Commun. Serv/Deg. 1963 1991

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A South Asian Union model - The News International

The News International

A South Asian Union model
The News International
From the platform of Pakistan Peace Corps, I advocated peace in conflict-affected areas like Swat, Bajour, Waziristan, Karachi and Baluchistan, and also initiated a small campaign Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai . The idea behind this campaign was to remove the ...

Donald E. Goldstone - Boothbay Register

Donald E. Goldstone
Boothbay Register
Born in Baltimore, Maryland on May 8, 1936, he graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1957 and The University of Chicago Medical School in 1961. Dr. Goldstone was a Peace Corps physician in Pakistan from 1962 to 1964, where he met his wife, Marti ...


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