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Paul V Rigterink


Colombia (1964-1966)


Los Cordobas, Cordoba


Rural Community Development

In 2008, I contibuted a chapter on Microenterprises and Food Security to a book on Food and Water Security. The paper describes how micro-enterprises can contribute to the food security and income of small-scale farmers by providing supplies and training in return for a share of the small-scale farmer’s earnings. A table is given which provides the business planning required so that small-scale farmers and micro-enterprises jointly can become productive. With emphasis on arid and tropical regions, more information is given on how to develop the supply chains and training materials required. The Rockefeller and Gates Foundations (2006) have started a pilot program in Africa using ideas similar to what are suggested in this paper. In particular, the Program for Africa Seed Systems (PASS) hopes to provide training, capital, and credit to establish a network of 10,000 small African agro-dealers. In turn, these agro-dealers can serve as conduits of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, and knowledge to small-scale farmers to facilitate increasing productivity and income

Link to papers at

Reengineering Bangladesh’s Fruit and Nut Industry to Create a Huge Competitive Advantage for Low- and Middle- Income People of Bangladesh on the World Market”, submitted to Harvard University Center for International Development as entry for 2007 Quadir Prize, Link to Bangladesh paper.

“Micro-Enterprises and Food Security”, Food and Water Security: An Integrated Strategy for Food Security in the Developing Countries, edited by Prof. U. Aswathanarayana, Taylor & Francis Group, London, UK/Balkema, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2008, pp. 199-208.

“A Revolutionary Approach to Reducing Poverty and Increasing the Agricultural Productivity of Subsistence Farmers”, Conference on Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces: Consumption and Entrepreneurship Beyond Literacy and Resource Barriers, Chicago, Ill, August 2-4, 2006, Link to Poverty paper.

“A Plan for Improving Food Security in Afghanistan”, submitted to the Afghan Project, Freemont, California in 2003, Link to Afghanistan paper.

“Improvement of Food Security in the Newly Independent States” with D. F. Colaizzi, D. Morris‑Jones, Y. D. Shmilovich, and R. J. Rigterink, submitted to US Government and non-Government Organizations and Moscow State University, 2001, Link to Russia Paper.

“Accepting the Challenge: How USDA and Moscow State University CanWork Together to Demonstrate that US Companies in Russia are Practicing Responsible Forestry” submitted to USDA and Moscow State University, 2001, Link to Forest paper.

“Doubling the Income of Africa’s Poorest Farmers” with M. D. Rogers, submitted to US Government and non-Government Organizations, 2000.

“A ’Win-Win’ Proposal for USAID and Egyptian Bedouin Women in Development”, submitted to USAID and Arab Republic of Egypt, 24 June 1999, Link to Egypt2 paper.

“Earning Money in Eritrea Growing Desert Melons”, submitted to Eritrea University personnel, 1997, Link to Melons paper.

“Accepting the Challenge - How the State Department and NASA GSFC Can Help People Earn a Living and Obtain Water in Morocco’s Arid Lands” with Zakaria M. Oweiss and Ibrahim M. Oweiss, MARISY 95, Rabat, Morocco, October 18, 1995.

“Can India Develop an $8 Billion per Year Tropical Fruit and Nut Tree Industry? Here's How it is Being Done”, submitted to Indian Department of Agriculture, 1993, Link to Billion Paper.

"Can Energy Companies and Third World Farmers Make Money Together While Compensating for Excess Carbon Dioxide Emissions?", International Conference on the "New World Order": A Challenge to International Leadership, Association for the Advancement of Policy, Research and Development in the Third World, November 1992, p. 1, Link to CO2 paper.

"Two Experiments in Land Use for Third World Farmers", submitted to U.S. Department of Agriculture, July 1990.

"Tropical Fruit Trees and Rural Land Use Patterns", Land Use Policy , Butterworth Scientific, Ltd., Surrey, England, July 1989, pp. 194-196.

"Needs of a Subsistence Farmer in the Sahel", submitted to Live Aid, December 1985.

"Detecting Desert Locust Breeding Grounds in the Sahel with Satellite Data", 18th Annual Electronics and Aerospace Systems Conference "EASCON 85", Washington, D.C., October 28-30, 1985, pp. 141-143.

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