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The following are Frequently Asked Questions about Peace Corps You are welcome to add a question!

What is this "Wiki

"Peace Corps Wiki" invites all users to edit any page or to create new pages within the PeaceCorpsWiki website. It seeks to involve the visitor in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape. These articles can be edited infinitely to create content that many users agree on. Edits can be compared side by side to determine their contribution to the article.

“Wiki” vs. “Blog”

“Blog” or a “Web-Log” is a resource that is updated with new entries periodically. Check Peace Corps Journals for more info. Pasted blog entries are not acceptable on the wiki, rather the wiki is about “articles” categorized under particular areas of interest, these are meant to be condensed ponoint sources of information and links to other resources…so please if you have a long story please post it on your blog.

What's the point of having a Wiki for the Peace Corps?

A wiki is a tool to develop documents and stories based on the knowledge collected by thousands of volunteers. If each volunteer and staff wrote one article about their experience we would have several HUNDRED THOUSAND ARTICLES.

How is from different from Peace Wiki?

Peace Wiki is run by the US Peace Corps, who control all the information as well as monitor it. The wiki is only available to currently serving volunteers. [Peace Wiki]...contains medical information and site information for country national staff"

PeaceCorpsWiki is run by a nonprofit organization established by recently returned volunteers interested in promoting the third goal of Peace Corps. It is free to use and open for anyone to edit and add content too.

What's the structure of the Wiki, where do a put my article?

The wiki is structured around two major category groups:

  1. Countries of service
  2. Years of service.

That being said, some articles are quite general and can't be grouped under a country or a year. These articles usually pertain the the programming of the Peace Corps, as an organization, or general activities that the volunteers do across many countries or years - such as taking a bucket bath.

Don't worry about where the article will go, it's more important that you take the bold step and attempt to post!

Who can use this wiki ?

It is free to anyone

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Who's moderating this site?

We have a group of about a dozen people that have volunteered to administer the site.

We what to include you, become an admin!

Become an Admin!

If you would like to admin the site please email:

Admin positions are open to all of the Peace Corps Wiki's users.

  • The additional privileges of an admin include: Assisting in the enrichment of the pages that are relevant to your service such as article on your country of service and sector.

See a listing of our admins, known on the wiki as Sysops and Bureaucrats.

Who owns the Peace Corps wiki?

The Peace Corps Wiki is owned by Developmentary Inc. A registered non-profit in the commonwealth of Virginia, setup specifically to manage a group of Peace Corps related sites developed by recently returned volunteers.

Who owns the content I post on the wiki?

Any original posting are owned by the user you posted or the IP address that posted. The copy-left allow users to make use of the content All content of the site is owned by the users

Can I remove content from the wiki or is there on the internet forever?

Yes you can. If you edit content on the wiki, the original document will always be saved. However if you decide that you would like to permanently erase a particular version of the document you must have an administrator complete the action. Please contact with a description of what you would like permanently purged from the wiki.

Please Define what you are what you're not

What we are:

  • Not a Membership organization
  • Don’t require proof of service in PC
  • A collection of websites based on providing information about Peace Corps
  • We're more general than an encyclopedia. Not everything can be included in an encyclopedia; but almost anything Peace-Corps related can be included on the site.
  • Peace Corps Wiki is a collaborative project whose goal is to create a free, interactive, and up-to-date source of information about serving as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps.

A 'bucket bath' may not be encyclopedic, but I guarantee applicants are wondering how to take one before arriving in country.

  • One step ahead of Peace Corps in terms of responsiveness to technological developments and the needs and concerns of the RPCV community.
  • Committed to the belief that the true spirit and dynamism of the PC can shine in publicly edited documents
  • A nonprofit that is independently operated.

What we aren’t

  • Selling your information, user logins or anything else on your profile.
  • We are not a clearing house for technology.
  • We are not Wikipedia, all information on the site intended to be "generally" related to Peace Corps.

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