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Peace Corps has proposed a PeaceWiki site, which will be an internal tool for Volunteers to collaborate on their projects. Currently this all that known about this.....--Willd 08:25, 22 March 2008 (PDT)

Peace Corps

The legislation would mandate better promotion of electronic communication among Volunteers, such as password protected websites & e-mail links that they can use to discuss development strategies, funding sources, etc. The agency is already in the process of making the Peace Corps digitally streamlined for the 21st century. There are several projects underway. These include a pilot program to enable each post to have its own website and an online program called “PeaceWiki,” which will allow Volunteers to share their best practices with other Volunteers around the world.

Ronald A. Tschetter, Peace Corps Director

Source: Enhancing The Peace Corps Experience: S. 732, The Peace Corps Volunteer Empowerment Act U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations