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2010 Highlights

Week of June 20th 2010


Luisa's Pathway" Peace Corps volunteer Natalie Parker describes her village footpath project. Filmed in the Fiji Islands.

Week of June 6th 2010


My First Project" A simple introduction to Mike's Peace Corps house in Lesotho, Southern Africa. Please keep in mind that PC accommodations range widely within regions and within countries. Last week we showed a "frivolous" Peace Corps apartment in China: My Peace Corps Apartment
Conviser2 Lesotho.jpgConviser Lesotho.jpg
Also check out these great Lesotho maps by Jack Convise.

Week of May 27th 2010


My Peace Corps Apartment " A simple introduction to my "frivolous" Peace Corps China apartment in Beibei, Chongqing. Please keep in mind that PC accommodations range widely within regions and within countries. This video topped the charts on popular PC videos 2009-2010. If you are a current volunteer or have been invited to volunteer in China, feel free to contact Volunteers Supporting Volunteers (VSV) with any questions or concerns (pcchina.vsv at

Week of May 16th 2010


Senator Johnny Isakson Honors Kate Puzey " during a speech on the Senate floor. Kate Puzey was Peace Corps volunteer in Benin. See a tribute to the life of Kate Puzey at: Light a Candle for Katemore....

Week of May 9th 2010


Mack's Youth Institute "This is just a short film introducing some of the sights and activities that are carried on here at Mack's Youth Institute in Bartica, Guyana. Although the original intention was to raise funds for the project, those funds have already been raised. So, this video is for you to enjoy and learn about what we are doing here, and if you were one of those who did donate, thanks so much." more....

Week of May 2nd 2010


Honduras Man with No Name Clint Eastwood Honduras gives a tour of his crib in the dry season.

Week of April 25th 2010


"Inside the Hive back by popular demand part duo of the breakthrough "Nathaniel Fatty's Miracle Videos" from The Gambia see others including Beekeeping: Hive Making and Placement, Garden Teas , Neem Cream (for mosquitoe repellent) and Composting

Week of April 18th 2010


"Beekeeping: Hive Making and Placement" Breakthrough "Nathaniel Fatty's Miracle Videos" from The Gambia see others including Inside the Hive, Garden Teas , Neem Cream (for mosquitoe repellent) and Composting

Week of April 11th


"The Universal Nut Sheller Video" David Campbell describes this nut-shelling project his is using for a project south Senegal. "He got molds for a small (but still heavy) hand operated nut-sheller sent over very cheap. All the metal and concrete work is done here by Senegalese.....All the woman's groups were very enthusiastic and the local metal workers all excited to start making the pieces". - more Senegal videos more Senegal blogs

Week of April 4th

Outdoor Ambassadors Summer Program‎ is a project designed and implemented by Peace Corps volunteers and their Albanian counterparts, that seeks to engage youth in environmental preservation activities in cities and towns around Albania. more

Week of March 28th 2010


"Nine Months" Miles Videriro has captured volunteer life in Georgia.
Hear him tweetProfile bird.png more Georgia videos more Georgia blogs

Week of March 21th 2010
Saturday wall of text: What is the Point of Peace Corps? "This is a question I suspect is on the minds of many volunteers in South Africa—what the hell am I doing here? It’s a difficult question in the abstract, not least because there are dozens of countries involved, each with its own training program, staff, and host country support. I’ll start with the training program—is Peace Corps sending adequately-trained volunteers to their permanent site?..." more

"....teacher training is a thorny problem with no clear-cut solution."
-RJA Northern Cape, South Africa March 20th, 2010

Week of March 14th 2010


Part 1 of 2 part series on being volunteer by Carrie Pavlik Zambia 2007-2009. Read more on her blog Check Peace Corps Journals for more videos

Week of March 7th 2010


Several RPCVs made a film to celebrate the life of Catherine Puzey. PC Wiki commemorates those that passed away while serving. Volunteer Memorials

Week of March 1st 2010

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2009 Highlights

Week of August 2nd 2009

"This Twenty Point Plan to strengthen and expand the Peace Corps—drafted over four years by a couple of two-time Volunteers and circulated widely for comment within the Returned PCV community—proposes an ambitious road map for President Obama and Peace Corps Director- Designate Aaron Williams and his leadership team." Read more...


Cover page for the Ludlam and Hirschoff report

Week of June 7th 2009

2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey "The 2008 BVS results provide a picture of the activities, experiences and views of Peace Corps Volunteers in 2008. They show areas where Volunteers’ needs are met as well as identify areas where improvements may be needed."


PC2008BVS cover.jpg
Cover page for 2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey

Week of May 24th 2009


"This work includes an analysis of the organization’s recruitment strategies both textual and visual as well as an analysis of volunteer accounts of service. This study culminates in a look toward the future of the organization, in hopes of revealing the direction of the Peace Corps in the 21st century."

Download #1
Download #2
More dissertations... PhDCover.GIF Casey Malone Maugh
Doctor of Philosophy
Pennsylvania State University
December 2007

Week of April 21st 2009

The Insider's Guide to the Peace Corps: What to Know Before You Go "If you are interested in joining the Peace Corps, you probably have questions that run the gamut from "What is the application process like?" to "Is the Peace Corps effective as a development agency?" In this updated second edition, former Peace Corps Volunteer Dillion Banerjee shares candid facts and insights about the experience in a practical question-and-answer format."

Amazon.comGoogle Books(2nd Edition, 2009)

Week of February 1st 2009

<center>Nianjema Secondary School

"In the United States, a free public education is a right granted to every child. In Tanzania, however, limited facilities mean that only 20 percent of eligible students attend secondary school."

" Seeing this shortage firsthand, former Peace Corps volunteer Charlie Sloan Jr. (mechanical engineering '92), who had taught at a government boarding school and a private school in Tanzania, knew something needed to be done. At his father's suggestion, Sloan and three Tanzanian friends began construction of a school on a 15-acre plot in Bagamoyo, a port town on the Indian Ocean, and in January 2001, Nianjema Secondary School opened its doors to 90 students....." (more...])

Week of January 25th 2009

Peruvian Ghost Riding


"After attending 8 weeks of intense classes for Spanish, health and environment, the members of Peru 12, all hopped up on potatoes and rice decided to make their own Ghost Ride the Whip Video. We are proud to bring you Ghost Ride the Moto-Taxi."

Auto rikishaw power dance action brought to you by the current PCVs of Peru.

Week of January 4th 2009

Small Enterprise Development Project on the Island of Fogo, Cape Verde.

MyGuy Internet Café and Learning Center is a privately funded project designed to create access to the Internet for a community of 600 people. This will make community members, particularly youth, better equipped to seek opportunities for postsecondary education, and to compete in a modernizing economy. The café's physical space creates opportunities for computer and Internet literacy projects that will transfer more business management and ICT skills to members of the community.


Week of November 30th 2008

When will I be leaving?

Applicants have a wealth of knowledge of when/where different country positions are leaving. Through a coordinated effort, a TIMELINE has been developed based on their individual invitations to serve.

Where do Volunteers Go?


Volunteers: By Region

According to my Sector Assignment, Where will I be going?

Agriculture Volunteers
Volunteers: By Region

Health Volunteers
Volunteers: By Region

Education Volunteers
Volunteers: By Region

Business Development/Information & Communication
Technology Volunteers
Volunteers: By Region

Youth Outreach/Community Development Volunteers
Volunteers: By Region

Environment Volunteers
Volunteers: By Region

Week of November 2nd 2008

El Salvador RPCV Josh Brough:
Josh Brough wrote this song that he sings with a slide show of pictures narrating his time as a PCV in El Salvador. Quite a witty (yet nitty gritty truth) parody of his service.

Poor Man's Whiskey -- webpage about Josh and his folk singing career

Week of October 12th 2009

A photo of Erica from her public blog

The PDF file "Unethical treatment of trainee by Peace Corps" contains emails concerning the circumstances surrounding Erica Williams's (Cameroon 2008) early departure from Peace Corps service was posted by a Peace Corps Wiki contributor." Read Erica's blog...

More information:

2008 Highlights

Week of September 8th 2008

[[Image:Small_cucumber_plants.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Small cucumber plants in the province of Herrera in Panama planted by Peace Corps Volunteers.]]The Seeders program works to exchange forestry and agricultural seeds between volunteers in Panama.

Vision of the Seeders Project

• To provide agricultural/forestry seeds to all nine providences where PCVs live, through regional meeting exchanges and individual PCV visits to office seed bank.

Objectives of the Seeders Project

• To provide green manure seeds to support soil conservation, (such as Carnivalia and Macunna).

• To provide agricultural seeds to support home garden and demonstration plots, (such as tomato, cucumber, radish, pepper, Squash, bean, etc).

• To provide forestry seeds, including native and exotic tree species to support in timber plantation, aqueduct reforestation, and agro forestry systems, (such as Caoba, Roble, Arcasia, Guacapali).

How it Works

Before every regional meeting the seeders group prepares a tackle box by adding forestry and agricultural seeds, labels, and a quarterly newsletter called "Seeders". A box is taken to each regional meeting where volunteers are free to exchange and take seeds. The box is then returned to the office and the seeds are stored in the refrigerator.
(more newsletter from Panama...)

Week of August 31th 2008

Hostilities in the Georgia there was an escalation in violence in the Georgian separatist region of South Ossetia and along the Georgian/South Ossetian border on August 8th, 2008. All current Peace Corps volunteers are safe and accounted for.

Week of August 24th 2008

'''Barf''' is an Iranian washing detergent very popular in the Caucuses region and used extensively by PCVs usually when hand washing.

"It was a short trip indeed" for Heather Ratterree Georgia (2008) who shared her thoughts about the recent events on her blog Georgia on My Mind
(more blog...)

All volunteers and trainees serving in the Republic of Georgia are safe, and they have been temporarily relocated to neighboring Armenia.
(PC news link...)

Week of August 3rd 2008

Hostilities in the Georgia there was an escalation in violence in the Georgian separatist region of South Ossetia and along the Georgian/South Ossetian border on August 8th, 2008. All current Peace Corps volunteers are safe and accounted for.

Official Peace Corps Press Release Peace Corps Georgia Yahoo Group
Peace Corps: Donors Peace Corps Journals - Georgia


Slide Show presented Thursday, July 24th at the monthly happy hour generously hosted by RPCVW on Peace Corps Wiki and PC Journals, a websites with the goal to engage the Peace Corps community and the public thus making Peace Corps effective and relevant.

Presenters showed images from there service 20 slides, 20 seconds for each slide.

Week of June 27th 2008


"...A fictitious debate between Nixon and JFK about the difference between wikis and blogs."

This past Thursday, July 24th RPCVW generously hosted a presentation on Peace Corps Wiki and PC Journals, a websites with the goal to engage the Peace Corps community and the public thus making Peace Corps effective and relevant.

Presenters showed images from there service 20 slides, 20 seconds for each slide.

Week of June 20th 2008

Did you just return? Present about your experience at up coming hour happy conjugation with RPCVw.

Please join RPCVW for a happy hour to learn more about the Peace Corps Wiki and PC Journals, a websites with the goal to engage the Peace Corps community and the public thus making Peace Corps effective and relevant.

We will be doing several presentations: 20 slides, 20 seconds for each slide based on photos and items from service. Would you like present? Click Here

Weeks of June 29th & July 6th & 13th 2008

This is the last day of the workshop teaching 14 women to weave the traditional scarves. With lights from the solar panel they will be able to work at night.
RPCVwhas supported the following PC Partnership Project in Cape Verde: The_community_center_of_Agro-Hortelao

Would you like your project sponsored or linked to donors? Click Here

Weeks of June 1st & June 8th, 2008


"These came out of my skull."
Applicants sometimes go to extremes to be medically qualified to join Peace Corps - as Morocco PCV Maggie shows, with 9 pieces of her 'skull' being removed.
(more blog...)

The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake was a major earthquake struck Sichuan Province, China on May 12, 2008, killing tens of thousands of people. The final death toll has not yet been assessed. All current Peace Corps volunteers are safe and accounted for, but the disaster has likely affected thousands of former students of Peace Corps volunteers.

Official Peace Corps Press Release China RPCVs Yahoo Group
Peace Corps: Donors Peace Corps Journals - China

Week of May 25th, 2008

Mauritania Invitee Julie Ann Clark:
"Peace Corps Blog Intro, Just a quick intro to what I will be doing for the next 27 months of my life!""
(more blog...)

Week of May 18th, 2008

Madagascar PCV Alexandria Blute:
"Alex's Peace Corps House Tour, check it out she gives a great tour of her new home, including her shower, kitchen, and desk! "
(more blog...)

Week of May 11th, 2008

Philippines PCV Craig Bosman:
"Craig Bosman made this video about his Philipino crib at the beginning of his service in Phillipines. This is a great example of a walk through of a typical host family arrangement in Peace Corps. Craig is serving as a Coastal Resource Management Volunteer. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2006."
(more blog...) (more photos...)

Week of May 4th, 2008

Belize PCV Ashli Murdock:
"I made this video at the beginning of our service in Belize. They told us there would be a lot of down time at first, but we really had no idea... but it made way for creativity we had no idea we even possessed! Luckily things have picked up quite a bit since then. I realized soon after I posted in on YouTube that I may have committed social suicide, but I never cease to amaze myself at how far I will go for humor, so at least I hope it it gives you comic relief... and some great ideas for your own Peace Corps down time videos."

Week of April 27th, 2008

So This Is Christmas...

Mongolia Invitee Travis Hellstrom made a great video of the moment when he opened his invitation - filled with excitement and laughter!
"I'm leaving for Peace Corps in May - I can't come to work today!"

Week of April 20th 2008


Macedonia PCV Julie Gezon was able to start up a Mini-Cinema through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. "We currently show about four films weekly for various ages. The small entrance fee ensures a sustainable project and a good little financial support for the hosting organization."

Week of April 13th 2008
Cape Verde PCVs Nicholas Hanson and Brian Newhouse are working on developing solar stills which "may prove to be a promising, cost effective, alternative for fresh water". Their video on YouTube shows their students demonstrating a prototype.

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