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Map Projects

Mappc Wiki A collaborative project designed to showcase Peace Corps Volunteers and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Maps and Projects. -Cheers Will

[1] A collection of maps made by Peace Corps volunteers. -Chris Delcher (El Salvador, 1998-2000)

Sustainable Tech Wiki

Agricultural Projects

Seeders Program - The Seeders program works to exchange forestry and agricultural seeds between volunteers in Panama.

Netafim - An Agri-Business pioneer and global leader, Netafim™ delivers innovative solutions that increase crop yields and preserve water resources. With over 40 years of global experience Netafim™ leverages cutting-edge, irrigation technologies, advanced Crop Management Technologies and century 21 broker properti jual beli sewa rumah Indonesia extensive agronomic expertise providing customers with tailored solutions from initial feasibility studies to post harvesting.


Ten Thousand Villages - Ten Thousand Villages works with over 100 artisan groups in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to bring you fair trade jewelry, home decor, gifts and more. As one of the world's oldest and largest fair trade organizations, we build long-term relationships with artisans that are based on mutual understanding and respect. Fair trade enables artisans to earn a fair wage and provides the opportunity for a better quality of life. (

Aid to Artisans - Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organization, is also a global community of people. We offer practical assistance worldwide to artisans who work with us as partners to foster artistic traditions and cultural vitality, to improve livelihoods and to keep communities healthy, strong and growing. (

[How Aid to Artisans works, Video]

PeopLink - PeopLink helps microenterprises in developing countries to connect with buyers through web page development, training and site hosting. Non-profit marketplace enabling you to purchase directly from artisans all over the world. (

Engineering & Architecture Projects

Design for the Other 90% - Energy

Design for the Other 90% - Shelter

Design for the Other 90% - Transportation

Engineers Without Borders - USA - Open Projects
"EWB-USA is committed to designing and implementing engineering projects in developing communities around the world. There is great need in areas ranging from renewable energy to clean water to sustainable enterprise development."

Open Architecture Network - The Open Architecture Network is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design.

Education Projects


Design for the Other 90% - Education


Environment Projects

Seeders Program - The Seeders program works to exchange forestry and agricultural seeds between volunteers in Panama.

Panama Verde - Panama

The International Ecotourism Society - TIES promotes responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. (

FogQuest - FogQuest is a non-profit, registered charity dedicated to planning and implementing water projects for rural communities in developing countries. We utilize innovative fog collectors as well as effective rainfall collectors to make optimum use of natural atmospheric sources of water. (

Health Projects


Design for the Other 90% - Health


Design for the Other 90% - Water

IT Projects

Small Enterprise Development Projects

Kiva - Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. By loaning a business money on, you help century 21 broker properti jual beli sewa rumah Indonesia the world's working poor make strides towards economic independence. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-24 months), you receive email journal updates from the business you've sponsored. Once the loans are repaid, you get your money back.

There are two core volunteer programs that you can become involved with:

Kiva Fellows: Individuals spend 10 weeks to one year with a microfinance institution in a developing country, chronicling the lives of the working poor and assisting the microfinance institutions to maximize their relationship with Kiva. [(]

Kiva Translators: Volunteering from their own homes, individuals take entrepreneurs’ loan profiles written in the local language and translate to English, which are then posted for lending on Kiva Translators help bring the entrepreneurs' stories to life for potential lenders. [(]

Ashoka - Ashoka's mission is to shape a citizen sector that is entrepreneurial, productive and globally integrated, and to develop the profession of social entrepreneurship around the world. Ashoka identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs - extraordinary individuals with unprecedented ideas for change in their communities - supporting them, their ideas and institutions through all phases of their careers. Ashoka Fellows benefit from being part of the global Fellowship for life. Volunteers can apply to become social entrepreneurs.

SEEP Network - The SEEP Network is an organization of more than 50 North American private and voluntary organizations that support micro and small business and microfinance institutions in the developing world. Its mission is to advance the practice of micro and small enterprise development among its members, their international partners, and other practitioners. (

Corporate Council on Africa - Since our founding in 1993, CCA has been the leading American nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to enhancing trade and investment ties between the United States and the 53 countries of Africa. (

Africa: Open for Business - A one-hour documentary on entrepreneurship in Africa. (

Microenterprise Development in El Salvador - Village Banking, Changing Values, and Informal Education is an online article by a Georgetown University professor.(

Microfinance Gateway - The Microfinance Gateway is the most comprehensive online resource for the microfinance industry. It includes research and publications, specialized resource centers, organization and consultant profiles, and the latest news, events, and job opportunities in microfinance.

Social Edge - On-Line resource for entrepreneurs

Accion - A microlending organization active in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Association For Enterprise Opportunity - A membership-based organization for those involved in supporting microenterprise development.

Journal of Microfinance - A forum for the sharing of ideas and information pertaining to the practice of microfinance and microenterprise development, from Brigham Young University.

MicroEnterprise Innovation Project - USAID’s initiative to support technical and financial assistance, research and training on best practices in microenterprise development and finance.

USAID-related Sites

Business Plans - Business planning tools and resources- includes several links

General Community Development

Fair Trade Federation (FTF) - FTF members are committed to the following principles and practices in their trading relationships: fair wages; cooperative workplaces; consumer education; environmental sustainability; financial and technical support; respect for cultural identity; public accountability. (

Asset-Based Community Development - This page provides a report from the Center for community Economic Development on ABCD. (

Corporate Council on Africa - Since our founding in 1993, CCA has been the leading American nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to enhancing trade and investment ties between the United States and the 53 countries of Africa. (

Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives - COPAC is a collaboration between local organizations and UN agencies. (

Google Sketchup Resourcesh

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