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Rachel Weiner
Flag of Morocco.svg
Country Morocco
Years: 2008-2010
Site(s) Tinzouline
Region(s) Zagora
Program(s) Youth,Other
Assignment(s) Youth,Other
From US state Delaware
From US town/city Wilmington
Rachel Weiner started in Morocco 2008
So-Youn Kim, Rachel Weiner
Region: Zagora
Rachel Weiner
Youth in Morocco:
Gerry (G) Kaufman, Rachel Weiner
Other in Morocco:25px
Rachel Weiner
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Projects in Morocco
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GGLOW Camp for Youth, Safety in the Workplace, Well Refurbishment, Women's Community Center, Women's Computer Literacy Classes
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Description of Service:

After a competitive application process stressing applicant’s skills, adaptability and willingness to immerse herself in another culture and language, cross-cultural sensitivity, and the desire to serve underprivileged communities, Rachel Weiner began Peace Corps training on September 6th, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She then completed the eleven week training program: one week in Rabat and ten weeks in the community-based training (CBT) site of Mrirt. During this time, Rachel lived with a Moroccan family in order to experience Moroccan culture and family life first-hand, as well as to immerse herself in the language. Ms. Weiner joined other trainees at the training seminar site in Azrou where they participated in cross-cultural and technical sessions organized by Peace Corps staff. During the training period, the following was accomplished:

Study of Arab and Islamic values and traditions with an emphasis on Moroccan history and culture. (28 hours of formal training sessions plus an additional 33 days of cross-cultural experience during a “home stay” with a Moroccan family.)
General introduction to participatory community analysis and development methodologies and the Moroccan Education System through lectures, hands-on activities stressing language, teaching methods and techniques and youth development activities, including girls education (50 hours of formal training). As part of the Community Based Training experience, practice taught, planned and organized youth-related activities in a youth center (120 hours).
General introduction to and intensive study of the Moroccan Arabic dialect (Darija), including reading, writing and speaking. (170 formal hours) Additionally, many informal hours practicing language skills with host family and applying language tasks in a Moroccan community context.
Health care in Morocco; first aid and safety; preventive medicine and nutrition. Safety and Security including both formal sessions and competencies integrated into Language and Cross Culture training (34 formal hours of training plus additional time during language and cross culture classes).

After swearing-in with Peace Corps on November 20th, Rachel served as a Youth Development Volunteer for the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports. Her primary assignment was in a youth center in Tinzouline. She arrived in her site and lived with a host family there for two months.


Rachel Weiner was involved in a range of projects and activities in her dual role as English teacher and youth developer. In executing the primary and secondary responsibilities of her service, she:

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