Renovations to Orphanage 2 in Lviv

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Renovations to Orphanage 2 in Lviv
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Lviv
Region: Lviv
Country: Ukraine
Volunteer(s) Name: N. Bucholz
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Arizona
Affiliate organization: Orphanage #2
Funds community contributed: $1179.00
Percentage community contributed: 25%
Funds needed were: $1850.00
Funds requested were: $3510.00
PPCP #: 343-061
Year of project approval: 2004
Project located: yes
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Info about the Renovations to Orphanage 2 in Lviv

There exists in Ukraine a network of orphanages that respond to the needs of children of all ages, who have been abandoned by parents who leave the country to find work abroad. These orphanages are able to provide only basic necessities and lack funding for many day-to-day costs such as maintenance. The proposed project focuses on renovations needed at Orphanage #2 in the city of Lviv. This orphanage specializes in the youngest children ranging in age from just a few days old to three years. The orphanage staff have expressed a need for basic structural work to keep pieces of the building from falling on the children. There is also peeling paint in many places that needs to be removed to prevent children from eating this harmful substance. Other renovations that are needed include the repair of holes in walls, replacement of broken floor tiles, and the installation of a new bathtub, shower, and wash stands. Partnership funds are needed to pay for materials, repairs and installation of new fixtures. The community is contributing all labor and materials for painting the facility.

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