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 Oba!  Ronaldo here, Peace Corps Brazil 1970-72, Crato, Ceara.  Worked with Carolina Broda and SESI as our home base.  A tale of two cities, Crato and Joazeiro do Norte, just a few miles apart.  Jaime and Christina in JdN.  Three cities if you throw in Fortaleza the R&R for Tomas from Maceio, Karlos from Sobral, e eu from Crato.  Futebol!! We watched and celebrated the World Cup victory with eveyone in Brazil, the walls shook and later we met Pele, yes we did, at the Hotel Savannah, he was so charming and shy. Wanted to practice his Ingles before heading to NY to join the professional soccer team there....big deal in the soccer world. 
 So Karlos and I went back to Fortaleza in 2003 and were not ready for what we found....but pleased with what we found.  People walking their dogs along Beira Mar!!!  Think of it, people with pets in Brazil.  It's true...anyhow, this has been fun and I hope there are a few of you out there who will enjoy these brief comments on the transformation of a society, a country.  Lots of issues still to resolve but wow, what a difference.  ate logo, RonaldoR