SHS Computer Lab and Internet Cafe

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SHS Computer Lab and Internet Cafe
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Project Type(s):

Region: Brong-Ahafo
Country: Ghana
Volunteer(s) Name: PCV Meighan
Funds community contributed: $1, 051.05
Percentage community contributed: 25%
Funds needed were: $4, 204.19
Funds requested were: $3, 153.14
Year of project approval: 2010
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Info about the SHS Computer Lab and Internet Cafe


SHS Computer Lab and Internet Cafe

Purpose and Approach

The grant will be used to rebuild the school computer lab, which is currently in dire condition. Furthermore, the students at the school are falling behind in their ICT skills and knowledge due to the lack of a properly functioning computer lab. With an adequately equipped lab, the students will be better prepared to complete the ICT portion of the WASSCE, once it is added, and compete with more affluent students for admissions to universities due to their access to these technological means.

In addition, during non-school hours the computer lab will be used as an internet cafe. There will also be formal classes taught in the local language by teachers and exemplary students for community members during these non-school hours that will allow them to learn basic computer literacy, typing and word processing, and effective communication and information gathering using the Internet. Community members could gather information about new farming techniques to improve crop yields and fair market prices for their crops. The Internet will also provide access to accurate and up-to-date health information, which will empower them to make more informed decisions regarding their own health and the health of their family. Consequently, the computer lab will not only benefit the school but also the community.


Presently, the entire lab needs to be renovated, which includes the replacement and/or refurbishment of the walls, ceiling, doors and windows. In addition to this, the lab will gain newer computers and equipment to provide access to the Internet.

Action Plan

1. Obtain the support of the headmaster and other teachers for the implementation of the project. 2. Perform a needs assessment to see what equipment you need. 2. Secure a vendor from which to buy hardware and who will also install the equipment. This will also provide you with a budget from which to complete the next step. 3. Ascertain funding from donors and calculate how much the community contribution will be. 4. After obtaining funding, buy construction materials and begin construction. 5. After the general construction is complete, begin assembling the computer lab itself. 6. Have an opening ceremony.


Currency Exchange Rate: 1.43 Ghana Cedi = 1.00 US Dollar

Partnership Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Computers 15 200.00 3,000.00 2,102.09
Modem 1 200.00 200.00 140.14
Power Stabilizer 1 200.00 200.00 140.14
Air Conditioner 1 600.00 600.00 420.42
Networking Equipment 1 500.00 500.00 350.35
Total 4,500.00 3,153.14
Windows = 4 x GHC 150 = GHC 600.00
Door = 1 x GHC 500 = GHC 500.00
Chairs = 15 x GHC 20 = GHC 300.00
Additional Renovations = GHC 100.00
Computers (used) = 15 x GHC 200 = GHC 3,000.00
Modem = GHC 200.00
Power Stabilizer = GHC 200.00
Air Conditioner = GHC 600.00
Networking Equipment = GHC 500.00

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Project Reflection and Sustainability

To prevent the theft and deterioration of the lab, both while I’m here and after I have returned to America, I have proposed that the PTA create within itself an “ICT Council” which, once or twice a semester, coinciding with PTA meetings, will take inventory of the lab, find out what computers are not working and why, and determine what is being done to resolve the problems. And while the teachers and administrators of the school will, hopefully, be doing their best to spot any problems and prevent theft before it occurs, a second set of eyes on the lab will further deter any prospective malfeasance.

Additionally, we believe that by eventually running the internet café as a for-profit business, with the school and perhaps other community organizations, such as the PTA, functioning as stake holders, the project will be sustainable and even turn a profit which can be reinvested or paid out to stakeholders in the form of a dividend. However, one of the biggest challenges we will face will be finding qualified teachers to run the lab.

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