Secondary School Gymnasium Renovation

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Secondary School Gymnasium Renovation
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Armenia
Country: Armenia
Volunteer(s) Name: G Glass
Volunteer(s) Homestate: New_Jersey
Funds community contributed: $2368.28
Percentage community contributed: 26%
Funds needed were: $6565.74
Funds requested were: $6565.74
PPCP #: 305-058
Year of project approval: 2009
Projects started in Armenia 2009 (1).
Secondary School Gymnasium Renovation
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Info about the Secondary School Gymnasium Renovation

The school in an isolated village in Armenia was reconstructed

in 1991 after being destroyed by attacks from the Azerbaijan

military. The school serves as both the educational and

recreational center of the community, and students participate

in physical education classes everyday. Community members also

frequently use the school’s gymnasium for recreational purposes.

The surface of the gymnasium is made of twenty year old

synthetic resin. It emits a foul odor and students and faculty

have complained of headaches and respiratory issues after being

in the gymnasium. In 2006, the Civil Society Development Center

completed a needs assessment of the village. Their report stated

that the surface of the Gymnasium is unsafe and potentially

harmful to the physical health of the students. Presently,

physical education classes are being conducted outdoors (weather

permitting) or in classrooms.

The need for a new gym floor is urgent and we have developed a

proposal for your consideration costing $6,565.74. The requested

funds are to replace the existing gym floor with a wood floor in

order to provide a healthy, risk-free environment for the

students and community to participate in physical education

classes and recreational activities

The community’s in-kind contributions total 27% of the project

and include skilled labor, the cost of transporting materials

and laborers provided by the school staff. All other labor will

be performed by community members.

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