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Conviser2 Lesotho.jpg

Pen and Ink Drawing. Jack Conviser, Maineng.

Ha Ramabanta

Conviser Lesotho.jpg

Jack Conviser, Ha Ramabanta. "[...] In the neighborhood map, I am showing the 'plans' of all of the houses, including the locations of doors and windows. For understanding the communal and architectural space of the village, this helped me with some of the cultural and environmental considerations at play with house orientation and the groupings of houses to form a common spaces for extended families. Yet, this part of the analysis was objective and limited. Anybody with some architectural training could do it. More importantly, the making of these maps gave me the opportunity to meet many of my neighbors, learn their names, get a more detailed look at how they managed their affairs and get a glimpse of their motivations for certain kinds of decisions. This included their use of limited resources, such as land for gardening or a common yard, as well as how the social interaction would work within the family, including who made the decisions. There were many surprises here. Not all land use was as expected, and many families did not follow the traditional hierarchies that we had been taught in training.

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