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Doug Raymond


Ethiopia (1967-1969)


Dabat, Begemdir + Addis Ababa


Schoolteacher, Engineer

After returning to California, I took my MS in control engineering at the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, where I had taken my BS in 1967. I worked in the electronics industry for 35 years, designing useful machinery. My proudest contributions were the Zehntel and Teradyne automatic testing and automatic optical inspection machines for verifying correct assembly of high volume circuit boards. These were sold to production lines all over the world from 1972 on. These machines, in their own way, have touched everyone on the planet in ways I could never have imagined while teaching in Dabat (longer explanation on request). I also worked in molecular biology experiment automation in an academic environment, developing servo controlled fluorescence microscopes with integrated image analysis and data extraction software. My last job (from which I just retired) was making improvements to the control and dosimetry systems of the Siemens medical linear accelerators. These linear accelerators are used in radiotherapy clinics for treating cancer. Every bit of this engineering career was dedicated to the service of mankind, and it was a lot of fun to boot.

Alma and I were married in 1965, way before we joined the Peace Corps in 1967. We are still married today. We have two grown children and a grandchild. We sing in the U.C. Alumni Chorus, which Alma started in 1985. It's a traveling group, and has taken us to Australia and Transylvania and everywhere in between. Ever the geek, I record our concerts, and also those of the UC student choruses.

Now, with plenty of spare time (ha ha!), I create computed-art limited edition prints and greeting cards under the Chromatoklept(TM) and Jantila(TM) labels. Thanks, Amharic, for the colorful word "Jantila!" I work with my engineer friends on various inventions relating to alternative energy, and write speculative essays on the evolutionary origins of humanity's more paradoxical characteristics. I am named on 16 patents: granted the time, I shall collect a few more.

It is a GREAT time to be alive! I especially love Google Earth. I have no plans to go back to Dabat, ever, but with Google Earth I can fly over whenever I feel like it, with no fear of food allergies (also no fear of the intestinal parasites that took 15 years to clear up after I got home- really!) We frequently get to speak Amharic, though, with the pleasant folks who operate the parking garages around Berkeley. I have recently discovered how to post photographs - those blue dots - on Google Earth. I will sprinkle a few of our Dabat snapshots around Begemdir, or whatever it is called now, when I get the time to digitize them. Please, all of you, do the same for the places where you served.

Stay in touch via douglas.w.raymond at

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